5 Best smartphone for visually impaired 2021

5 Best smartphone for visually impaired 2021

Mobile phones are remarkable in their ability to assist us with both easy and tough everyday chores. However, for other people, a phone may be more of a hindrance than an aid. If you have vision problems, you may find it challenging to operate a standard phone. Fortunately, there are a variety of specialized handsets available that are meant to make life easier for the blind and visually handicapped. Discover the best smartphone for visually impaired 2021 in the list below.


1. Jitterbug Smart3

The Jitterbug Smart3 from Lively phones for seniors is an appropriate phone for persons with vision impairments due to its simple design, bright screen, and medical alert device capabilities. It has a reduced price of $112.49, making it an excellent budget mobile phone for seniors. The Jitterbug Smart3’s screen is almost six inches in size, allowing you to browse the web, view photographs, and stream films while remaining comfortable. You may effortlessly zoom in on websites by pinching using its easy variety of touch actions.

Jitterbug Smart3
Jitterbug Smart3: Best smartphone for visually impaired 2021

Another feature we like about this phone is its voice-to-text capability, which allows you to dictate messages, emails, and online searches to your phone. The Jitterbug Smart3’s medical alert features were very appealing to us. Simply hit the Urgent Direct engagement on your mobile phone, and a licensed representative will contact you as soon as possible. The Jitterbug Smart3’s voice command set isn’t as extensive as those of other smartphones on this list, but it’s simple to use for persons with mild visual impairment while still offering the advanced capabilities of a phone for seniors.

2. Apple iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is an excellent high-tech option for people who have eyesight problems. It is extremely simple to use and can do virtually any computer task because of its basic operating system. Despite its high price, this smartphone is an excellent choice for visually impaired seniors due to its haptic touch shortcuts. It’s also waterproof.

The iPhone SE, like the Jitterbug Smart3, allows you to change the size of text and photographs for improved reading, but it’s the voice commands that truly stand out. Siri, the built-in voice-enabled, may be used to make calls, send texts, search for information online, and establish reminders or appointments. All of this information is instantly available from the home screen of your iPhone.

The major downside of the iPhone SE is its smaller 4.7-inch screen. It is the smallest phone on the list, which may appeal to people seeking a more compact or inconspicuous mobile. Nonetheless, when partnered with one of T-senior Mobile’s plans, this phone is an excellent and affordable alternative.

3. Jitterbug Flip2: Best smartphone for visually impaired 2021

Jitterbug Flip2: Best smartphone for visually impaired 2021
Jitterbug Flip2: Best smartphone for visually impaired 2021

The Jitterbug Flip2, which is also manufactured by Lively, is an excellent choice if you want a simple flip phone with health alert system capabilities. The phone is simple to use for persons of all visual acuities because of its big, lighted buttons. It also has a set of voice control that allow you to use your voice to make calls, send texts, and set reminders.

There’s something to be said for simplicity, as well as the Jitterbug Flip2 succeeds at it. Its screen isn’t designed for watching films or surfing the web, but it can make calls, send texts, and keep you prepared with its reminder feature. Brain Games, a special program that helps seniors to refine their abilities and increase their memory, is another notable feature.

In an emergency, if you buy a Lively safety and health package, the phone can enable immediate access to first responders. Although its voice commands are restricted, the Rumba Flip2 is an excellent choice for a simple and inexpensive phone.

4. Moto G7

For older folks searching for a bigger screen, built-in voice controls, and easy shortcuts, the Moto G7 might be a good option. There are several handy applications for seniors on Google Play, and the built-in Alexa capability lets you to handle the bulk of your phone’s functionalities without hitting a button.

We are able to make phone calls, monitor the weather, set a reminder, and surf the web with the Moto G7’s voice commands. The G7’s large, 6.2-inch screen makes it simple to read information as well as view images and videos. Furthermore, the phone’s customization options allow you to easily change the font size and color to increase readability.

This cell phone was especially useful for elders with visual impairments since it featured Motorola-exclusive shortcuts for easily accessing critical features and apps. The G7 has a remarkable battery life, lasting longer than a day on a single battery charge. We charged the smartphone to full capacity in a little under an hour thanks to its speedy charging features.

The phone’s deep levels of customization may make it harder to use if you’re new to smartphones, so we’d recommend it for those with a little more expertise. Furthermore, when combined with one of Mint Mobile’s senior plans, you’ll get a lot of talk, text, and data at a low cost.

5. Google Pixel

Google Pixel is one of the greatest Android smartphones on the market right now. It features the same build quality as an iPhone and an AMOLED display, which is ideal for folks who want bigger phone screens (such as myself). Personally, I believe that a larger screen is preferable for a visually impaired individual since it is easier to navigate and more readable for people with poor vision impairments.

While not as expensive as iPhones, Google Pixel phones are more expensive than what I estimate to be the typical smartphone pricing. It does, however, top the list of the best smartphone Android brands for the blind. The finest feature of Google Pixel phones is the extensive variety of accessibility features built into their software. Pixel’s default user interface is decent enough to be used with a screen reader.

Google Pixel
Google Pixel: Best smartphone for visually impaired 2021

Because it is an Android smartphone, it has a broader selection of apps accessible via Google Play. Although the built-in optical character recognition ( OCR Talkback is adequate, I would still like to acquire Commentary Screen Reader for its additional capabilities. Hands down, the Google Pixel smartphone offers the best camera quality among Android phones. As a result, it’s great if you want to use the smartphone as a magnifier and require optical zoom, as well as for OCR and scanning.

The Google Pixel phone is one of the greatest in terms of performance. It is quick, fluid, and responsive. The majority of applications function smoothly on all Google Pixel phones. Furthermore, Google Pixel phones receive Android upgrades for 18 months, the longest period of any Android smartphone. When completely charged, the Google Pixel’s battery lasts around a day, similar to iPhones.


Five main considerations—accessibility, usability, and performance—basically determine which mobile phone brand is best for the blind. I hope that by the Best smartphone for visually impaired 2021 based on these attributes, you can now more easily decide which to buy.


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