8 Best Smartphone Telephoto Pro Camera Lens

8 Best Smartphone Telephoto Pro Camera Lens

As mobile photography gains popularity, telephoto lenses are now commonplace on smartphones. What if your photographs require even more magnification? For your smartphone or another mobile device, you may get a telephoto lens to get closer to the action. We’ll go through some of the top smartphone telephoto pro camera lens in this post.


1. Moment 58mm Tele Lens

The wide aperture (f/1.8) of this Moment lens, which enables you to have a blurred backdrop, is the primary distinction between it and the camera on your phone. Maximizing sharpness was a concern for the producers. Without adding an unwelcome vignette, the lens creates images that are crisp even at their corners.

A better optical design with six glass components and four lens groups is present. There is also an additional multi-layer lens coating, which lowers flare and reflections. The least amount of refractive error is also provided, providing you with the highest-quality photographs. The cost of this lens is one drawback. However, it’s a great purchase if you’re serious about your smartphones and tablets.

In the field of smartphone photography, Moment is a well-known brand. They manufacture some of the highest-quality smartphone camera lenses available. They are composed of aerospace-grade aluminum and hand-polished glass, the same as used in high-end 4k film lenses.

Moment 58mm Tele Lens
Moment 58mm Tele Lens: Smartphone Telephoto Pro Camera Lens

The Moment Tele Lens features a 58mm comparable focal length, bringing you twice as close to your subject. When used on the telephoto camera of a smartphone, the field of view becomes comparable to a 115mm lens. This is a 4x magnification. You must buy a Moment Case for your phone or a Battery Photo Case to connect the Moment 58mm Tele Lens to your phone in order to utilize it. Unfortunately, because these accessories are phone-specific, not every phone can utilize a moment lens.

2. Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

The wide-angle and macro lenses in this lens kit are joined by a clamp, a clip-on light, and other required extras. With little distortion, a wide-angle lens is a great tool for taking pictures of landscapes and people on the street. However, the macro lens on your phone has a 15x magnification, which makes it ideal for taking close-up pictures.

These lenses have excellent optical performance since they deliver fine details and true colors. The clip-on light is a practical addition that offers three distinct settings of gentle, steady illumination. Given all it includes, this package represents good value for the money.

3. Sirui 60-SA Portrait Lens

The Sirui 60-SA is a fantastic 60mm equivalent add-on telephoto lens that extends the focal length of your smartphone by nearly three times for stunning, crystal-clear, and expert-quality photographs. With a 40-degree field of view, it is perfect for smartphone portrait photography.

German Schott optical glass and aircraft-grade aluminum are used in the construction of the Sirui 60-SA Portrait Lens. Six components are arranged in four groups inside the framework of the lens to avoid distortion and produce the best image. A unique multi-layer coating on the glass prevents lens problems like glare and reflections.

Sirui 60-SA Portrait Lens
Sirui 60-SA Portrait Lens: Smartphone Telephoto Pro Camera Lens

The accompanying Sirui Mobile Telephone Lens Clip Adaptor may be used to secure the lens to a smartphone. Because of this, the lens works with many different devices. Use the optional Lens Mounting Adaptor or Protective Case for a better fit.

4. Apexel HD 20-40X Zoom Lens

You may magnify your image up to 40 times using this lens. The lens is very large in comparison to other smartphone lenses because of the increased zoom range. A tripod is provided with it for support. When focusing on objects at the longer end of the lens, the manual focus ring is helpful. The lens’s level of magnification makes it ideal for photography of sports, animals, and travel.

Despite being large, the lens can still be carried around thanks to the included lens bag. Additionally, the lens is easy to attach to your device because it works with practically all smartphones.

5. Beastgrip Pro Series 3x Telephoto Lens

Awesome lenses and camera phone accessories are produced by Beastgrip. Their Pro Series 3X Zoom Lens is an amazing phone add-on lens that is 85mm equivalent and radically alters the viewpoint of your mobile camera to photograph three times nearer to your subject.

This high-quality telescopic lens is made up of seven glass components with multi-layer, anti-reflection coatings. You may use a circular polarizer or neutral density filter with this lens because it has a 58mm filter mount. Sadly, this lens can only be used with iPhones. In order to connect the lens to a camera phone, you also need the Beastgrip Pro or Beastcage.

6. MACTREM Phone Camera Lens Kit: Smartphone Telephoto Pro Camera Lens

The nine-piece MACTREM Phone Camera Lens Kit is a collection with a lot going on. It can transform your phone into a powerful photographic tool. It enables you to take excellent images on your phone in a range of settings and circumstances.

The package comes with a tripod, an eyecup, a 25x macro lens, a 25x wide-angle lens, a 205° fisheye lens, a 0.5x wide-angle lens, and a universal smartphone lens clip. The MACTREM mobile lens kit is compatible with a wide range of smartphones thanks to the universal lens clip.

Each lens is well-constructed and consists of high-quality components. The exquisite housing of MACTREM lenses, in contrast to conventional plastic lenses, makes it simple to twist the focus ring and set the focus. You can easily carry the full MACTREM smartphone lens package with you on your smartphone trips since it comes with a travel case.

7. Apexel High Power 36x Telephoto Lens: Smartphone Telephoto Pro Camera Lens

Apexel High Power 36x Telephoto Lens: Smartphone Telephoto Pro Camera Lens
Apexel High Power 36x Telephoto Lens: Smartphone Telephoto Pro Camera Lens

The Apexel High Power 36x Telephoto Lens is the best lens for telephoto photography since it can bring distant objects considerably closer. It’s the perfect mobile camera attachment to bring along while you’re out in nature taking pictures of birds, and animals, or just taking pictures in general, like when you’re camping.

For durability and clarity, this multi-element telephoto lens is made of superior glass and aircraft-grade aluminum. To reduce ghosting, reflections, lens flares, and other artifacts, it includes a unique coating. The lens is around 20 cm in length and weighs 246 g. It has a tripod to hold the lens steady and a universal removable clamp that works with a variety of gadgets.

8. Olloclip Essential Telephoto Zoom 2X Lens

With this lens’s 2x optical zoom, you can go closer to the subject while still capturing HD images. As a consequence, the lens is appropriate for shooting events, street photography, and portraiture. This lens is also available as part of a set with a 2x telephoto, a macro, a distortion, and a wide-angle lens.

This lens’ grip may be fastened to your phone. Additionally, it can be adjusted to work with any screen protector or phone cover. The best image quality is provided by the glass optics. It comes with a lens cover to prevent damage to your lens and a Bluetooth Wireless remote that allows you to shoot pictures up to 30 feet (9.1 meters) away.


Smartphone photography is more common than ever. Check out some of the smartphone telephoto pro camera lens we highlighted above if you’re seeking a way to shoot good pictures without spending money on a camera. Everything depends on your needs. Look for specific qualities that you require for your photographs in the product descriptions.


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