8 health benefits of sleeping without a pillow

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Sleep is very important and sleeping position contributes to the quality of sleep is guaranteed or not. In addition, whether or not pillows will affect the body, causing certain effects on our health. Here are 8 unexpected benefits to get from sleeping without a pillow.

Health experts say that sleeping inappropriately on pillows affects sleep quality. However, if you sleep without a pillow, you will feel more comfortable, thereby significantly improving the quality of your sleep.


Avoid wrinkles

Sleep on a pillow, the sides of the face will be concave again, preventing the blood circulation to the face. The habit of sleeping with a pillow, lying face down or lying on their side in the long term can affect facial muscles, causing wrinkles and premature aging.

Good for hair health

8 health benefits of sleeping without a pillow
8 health benefits of sleeping without a pillow

Pillows are linked to hair health, research says. They believe that when you sleep without using a pillow, you will have healthier hair and less breakage.

Good for the spine

If you are having problems with your spine, it is best not to use a pillow while you sleep. This helps the spine to be shaped in the most natural way while sleeping.

Prevent back pain

8 loi ich cua viec ngu khong dung goi doi voi suc khoe1 2021 01 14 16 59

Pillows can make sleeping posture unnatural. Although pillows don’t cause back pain by themselves, they can make it worse. So, if you are having back pain, it is best not to use a pillow when you go to bed, because this habit will make your lying position more natural and help your spine rest in the best way.

Sleeping without a pillow helps reduce stress

Sleeping on an uncomfortable pillow will make you toss and turn while you sleep. This sleep disorder, if prolonged continuously, gives the body less time for many important processes to take place during sleep. More serious, the lack of sleep continuously affects mood and the body also releases more stress hormones.

Promote body recovery

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At night, the body receives precious sleep to regenerate cells to help the body recover and refresh. During the day, cells throughout the body are damaged by pollution, UV rays, and prolonged stress. Without using anything to support the head and neck, you allow the body to find an optimal position for rest, the cells to regenerate. When you wake up in the morning, gently stretch your shoulders to relax the muscle groups, the body is relaxed and full of energy.

Blood circulation, cell regeneration

The body must operate at full capacity during the day to ensure work or study progress, plus the impact of dust, pollution and invisible stresses, night is a time for absolute rest and renewable energy. When not using pillows, the body will be provided with enough oxygen to help circulate blood, produce new cells more quickly, so the recovery process is smooth and effective.

Here are some frequently asked questions about sleeping without a pillow:

1. What Are the Best Supported Position for Sleeping without a Pillow?

The best way to sleep without a pillow is by lying down on your back. This will result in your back getting proper support from the mattress, and your neck will be able to remain in neutral position, thus reducing the risk of developing any of the health ailments and physical changes that come with sleeping with pillows.

2. Are There Any Disadvantages to Sleeping without a Pillow?

While there are more benefits to sleeping without a pillow, sometimes, it can be awkward to sleep without a pillow, if you prefer sleep on your side. If you try sleeping on one side without a pillow, you will cause a bend in the cervical spine, which might lead to osteoarthritis of the neck. This will cause the ridges of the spine to become pinched, leading to bone spurs that are very painful.

Those who suffer from glaucoma are also advised not to sleep without a pillow since the condition can worsen if you are lying flat. The fluid pressure in the eyes tend to increase when a person is lying flat, but when using a high pillow to keep the head elevated, the pressure in the eyes decreases.

3. Does Sleeping without a Pillow Can Prevent One from Snoring?

Sleeping without a pillow is not a solution you should be trying if your aim is to stop snoring. This may even worsen the problem since lying flat will cause the air passages to be partially blocked, which is a major cause of snoring. To prevent yourself from snoring, try other solutions.

Sleeping without a pillow has many advantages, and it is only those who suffer from glaucoma, snoring and who like to sleep on their sides who should think twice about this sleeping style since it will only worsen the situation for them. For everyone else, it will improve your quality of sleep and life in general.