Benefits of red artichoke flower and how to soak them


Red artichoke flower is rich in nutrients, containing acids and proteins, vitamin C and other antibiotic properties. Red artichoke seeds contain 7.6% water, 22.3% oil, 24% protein, 13.5% fiber and 7% minerals. So let’s find out the benefits of red artichoke flower!


Benefits of red artichoke flower

Lower blood fat, clean blood vessels

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Red Artichoke Flower is rich in substances such as flavonoids, protocatechuic acid, anthocyanins, these substances help to lower blood fat, inhibit the oxidation of low density lipoprotein (LDL), inhibit platelet aggregation, reduce thrombosis, used to clean blood vessels.

Control your blood sugar

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Red Artichoke Flower has the ability to inhibit alpha-glucosidase and alpha-amylase, two enzymes closely related to the metabolism of carbohydrates in the body. Red Artichoke Flower juice’s very good glycemic control effects for diabetics have also been published by Senegal pharmacologists.

Lose fat

Benefits of red artichoke flower and how to soak them

Red Artichoke Flower has been used as a beverage for weight loss and for regulating metabolism. A study in Taiwan found that taking Red Artichoke Flower extract for 12 weeks was effective in losing weight, reducing BMI, body fat and waist-hip. It also reduces plasma free fatty acids (ABTDHT), which are linked to poor control of obesity and diabetes and high blood pressure.

Red Artichoke Flower not only reduces blood fat, but also has anti-aging beauty nourishing effects.


Bump vinegar is considered as an excellent energy supplement and helps strengthen the body’s immune system when it contains enough fat, protein, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene …

Reduced liver enzymes

Benefits of red artichoke flower and how to soak them

Not only has the effect of lowering blood pressure and blood sugar, but also very useful for people with high liver enzymes, stomach pain.

According to research by scientist Dahiru et al. 2003, water extract and anthocyanin (200mg / kg) of calendula reduce liver enzymes ALS, AST in patients with metabolic disorders. Ethanol extract also significantly reduced lipid peroxide on liver necrosis model with carbon tetrachloride.

If you drink Red Artichoke Flower-infused tea or syrup on a daily basis it will help with metabolic problems and other liver related ailments. In addition, if you don’t have liver disease, taking vinegar can help protect your liver.

Increase the body’s immune system

Thanks to the very high content of vitamin C and the synergistic effect of organic acids, bip vinegar has antibacterial effects and helps the body increase resistance as well as increase immune system activity. If you eat or drink them hard every day, you will be less likely to catch colds and other common illnesses caused by viruses or bacteria.

Prevent cancer

Research shows that Red Artichoke Flower can inhibit the growth of cancerous cells, has anti-cancer effects. There is also research discovering that anthocyanin in Red Artichoke Flower can block the blood cancer cell cycle, which has anti-blood cancer properties.

Regulate cell cycle 

Benefits of red artichoke flower and how to soak them

Several studies have found that the Red Artichoke Flower protocatechuic acid has a regulating effect on cell death. With cancer cells, for example, cell death is reduced, while protocatechuic acid promotes the opposite; also for neurodegenerative diseases, the number of dead cells increases, while protocatechuic acid helps to limit the death cycle.

How to soak red artichoke flower syrup:

Red artichoke fruits are bought in separate sepals to soak the syrup, while the seeds inside can be cooked like drinking tea. Usually 1 kg of fruit separates half a kilogram of sepals.

Finished separating calyx is washed, soaked with dilute salt water to clean and drain. Prepare a glass jar, avoid plastic bottles because when soaked, the plastic stops soaking in the syrup is not good for health.
Usually, when soaking the syrup, the ratio of sugar and flowers is 1: 1 (ie 1kg of flowers soaked with 1kg of sugar). Initially spread a layer of sugar at the bottom of the vase, cover it with a layer of flowers, then a layer of sugar, so on until the end and cover with a layer of sugar on top. Then squeeze the blister down so that the flowers do not come up on top, causing mold.

Artichoke flowers are very easy to soak, just soak them overnight and they are halfway down. Now need to squeeze the blister down according to the level of flowers and sugar. Keep the lid tightly closed for 3-4 weeks to be used. At this time, you take out the carcass to dry, sweeten with sugar to make jam. Bright red water can be stored in the bottle. Every time you use, add filtered water to make water to drink, cool the liver has a very delicious taste.