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Des Moines world food festival: The history and 5 yummy dishes you should try

Des moines world food festival

The Des Moines world food festival is one of our all-time favorite festivals in the city of Iowa, which is home to many fantastic events. The festival, now in its 18th year, will be held September 16–18, 2022, with hours on Friday and Saturday of 11 am–10 pm and Sunday of 11 am–5 pm. Western […]

Explore about the festival features and culinary culture in Australia

dishes Chinese

In Australia, distinctive festival features and culinary culture are indispensable in the lives of indigenous people in big cities. Not only that, this is also one of the most popular tourist attractions for foreign visitors when all are mixed in the bustling atmosphere. As a country full of youth, excitement, enthusiasm and considered an ideal […]

Weight loss smoothie extremely good for health

15 loai sinh to giam can cuc ky tot cho suc khoe333

A weight loss smoothie is a drink pureed from natural fruit, or vegetables. Therefore, this is considered an extremely effective method, not only helping to maintain an ideal body but also helping women to have a good digestive system and smooth, healthy skin. So weight loss smoothies are good for health, what types of vegetables […]

The best vegetables to eat safely and effectively for weight loss

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The best vegetables to eat and lose weight are a topic that many women are interested in. Because vegetables have a lot of fiber, lots of water and very few calories, it is very suitable and highly effective for weight loss. Therefore, vegetables are often chosen as the top food in the diet. Fiber is […]

Eating bananas to lose weight is good or not, all you need to know

an chuoi giam can co tot khong nhung dieu can biet1

With abundant nutrients, in addition to eating bananas to lose weight, this fruit also brings a host of other great benefits for health and beauty such as: moisturizing skin, acne treatment, puffiness reduction, exfoliation. Exfoliate, whiten teeth, take care of hair and slow down the aging process, … That is the reason that women should […]

Foods to avoid in a weight loss regimen

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Weight loss should not eat? Among the many foods every day, the foods that should be avoided in the weight loss diet are those that contain a lot of fat, bad carbs, alcoholic beverages, … We need to avoid destroying our upcoming plans. me. With the desire to own a slim body, many of you […]

Health benefits of potatoes

ban co biet an khoai tay co tac dung gi doi voi suc khoe34

What are the benefits of eating potatoes is the question of many people when enjoying this quite nutritious agricultural product. Possessing a rich amount of vitamins and minerals, potatoes bring us many health benefits such as pain relief, anti-inflammatory, immune enhancement, digestive stimulation, … 1. The health benefits of potatoes Containing many essential nutrients for […]

Kidney foods that you need to know

nhung loai thuc pham tot cho than yeu nhat ban nen biet4333451

Good sources of foods for the weak kidney will play a quite important role in the healing process. They can help the infected person significantly reduce the unpleasant symptoms or prevent the illness from worsening. Therefore, following this article can help patients establish a reasonable diet to better protect their health. Foods that are good […]

The Best Foods for Clearer Skin – Eat for Beauty

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Feed your skin by eating nourishing vitamin-rich foods, and your skin will literally glow with health. But nowadays, most people grab their lunch from fast-food restaurants or order a pizza for dinner. Fast foods are filled with high carbs that cause toxin build-up in our bodies leading to pus-filled breakouts. If you want clear skin, […]

Features of the festival and culinary culture of Canada

le hoi di san

The colorful culture has contributed to the creation of a Canadian country with a festive and diverse culinary culture. Please join Bestechz to join the “trip” to visit Canada in the following article to discover the features of the festival and culinary culture of Canada! Special festivals should not be missed when coming to Canada […]