How to change iPhone name?

How to change iPhone name?

You may use your other devices to access the internet while you are not connected to a WiFi network by setting up a private hotspot on your iPhone. You must have your cellular data activated since a personal hotspot transforms your cellphone data into a WiFi signal. Here are instructions on how to change iPhone name, modify the hotspot’s name and password, and connect to it using a different device.


How to change iPhone name

The name of your iOS device may be changed in a number of ways. The simplest approach may be found directly in the Settings app, but you can also quickly change the name of your iPhone from a computer. Aside from that, we’ve also covered how to change the names of your Bluetooth accessories, which might be useful if you want all of your gadgets to sync.

It’s crucial to understand that renaming a device has no impact on how you use it or changes any previous settings. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about any consequences.

How to Change iPhone Name on the iPhone

By following these instructions, you may change your iPhone’s name right there on the device:

  • Tap Settings on the iPhone’s Home screen.
  • Choose General.
  • Select About.
  • Touch Name.
  • In front of the current name, press the x.
  • Enter a brand-new name. Everything that you type is automatically stored.
  • To continue using your iPhone with its new name, go back to the Home screen.
How to change iPhone name?
How to change iPhone name?

How to Use iTunes to Change an iPhone’s Name

You can modify the name of your iPhone using iTunes if you sync it with a computer. This is how:

  • Your iPhone must be connected to the computer you use to sync it. If iTunes doesn’t launch automatically, open it.
  • To access the iPhone administration screen, click the iPhone symbol in the upper-left corner.
  • Choose the name of your iPhone from the left pane.
  • Enter the preferred new iPhone name in the field next to the old name.
  • The phone is re-synchronized by iTunes automatically, and the new iPhone name is saved.

Where Your iPhone Name Is Visible

Your iPhone name won’t be displayed very often, and it has little bearing on how you use the device. The only places where the name “iPhone” is likely to appear are:

  • Using iTunes to sync. Every time you sync with iTunes, you may see the name of your iPhone.
  • Personal Hotspot connection established. This may be the most frequent justification for renaming your iPhone. You use the name of your iPhone to connect to the Personal Hotspot function of your iPhone when you or others attempt to do so. If you often commute and make use of the function, you’ve definitely seen other folks who have amusingly named their iPhones; “FBI Surveillance Van” appears to be a popular choice.
  • Via use of Find My iPhone. Choose the name of the phone to track it if you need to utilize Find My iPhone to look for a lost or stolen device.
  • Utilizing AirDrop. Your iPhone name will appear when someone sends you a file over AirDrop and your name isn’t in their Contacts list.
  • Viewing an online Apple ID. You may view a list of all the active devices linked to your Apple ID in your online Apple ID account. Each of these gadgets has a name on it.

Hotspot name and device name

Hotspot name and device name
Hotspot name and device name: How to change iPhone name?

Apple prohibits using distinct names for your device and hotspot. It’s the same thing. You literally have to rename your device if you want to alter the name of your hotspot.

Keep in mind that this alters how other networks perceive your device. This indicates that the update will be visible not just in the name of your hotspot but also in Bluetooth and AirDrop.

Connecting The Hotspot To Your Device

On an iPhone, changing the hotspot name won’t also alter the password. The devices that were previously linked will be disconnected if the hotspot’s name is changed. As a result, you must rejoin using the same process you would use to connect your hotspot to a new device.

Follow these instructions to turn on the hotspot on your device:

  • Open Settings and select Cellular from the menu.
  • If the toggle for Cellular Data is not in the green, locate it and slide it. This will enable the internet connection on your phone.
  • Select Personal Hotspot now.
  • If it’s turned off, slide the toggle next to Let Others Join. Ensure that it is green.

The procedures listed below should let you connect your preferred device to the enabled hotspot:

  • The device you want to connect to your hotspot using WiFi should be turned on.
  • Now, choose Connect after finding the name of your iPhone.
  • Check the box next to “Connect automatically” if you wish to always accept this. If both the WiFi on this device and the hotspot on your phone are turned on, this will automatically establish a connection between them.
  • Your individual hotspot password must be entered. Even if you’ve previously set the Connect automatically option since it now views all devices as new, you must input your password to connect because the name change disconnects all devices.
  • You may utilize the connection to the internet on your smartphone after providing the correct password for your phone.

Go to your Settings app and select Cellular if you also want to change the hotspot password. Choose Personal hotspot next, then hit WiFi password. Enter your new password after erasing the previous one. In the top-right corner of your screen, hit the Done button to finish.

Instructions for Using Your iPhone Hotspot

Instructions for Using Your iPhone Hotspot
Instructions for Using Your iPhone Hotspot: How to change iPhone name?

Simply seek your iPhone’s name in a list of accessible WiFi networks on another device to connect to your iPhone’s hotspot over WiFi. When prompted for the WiFi password, you may then input the hotspot password for your iPhone.

Simply open the Bluetooth settings on your device to establish a Bluetooth connection to your iPhone’s hotspot. The process of pairing Bluetooth mice or wireless headphones is the same. Then on your device click Connect to Network. Depending on the device you’re trying to connect, this can be different.

Check to see whether the code shown on your smartphone and the iPhone is the same. Finally, on your iPhone, hit Pair. Simply insert your iPhone into your device to establish a USB connection to your iPhone’s hotspot. Then, in your list of accessible networks, locate the name of your hotspot. Your iPhone hotspot can show up as an Ethernet connection if you are using a PC to connect.


Use the aforementioned procedure to alter your iPhone’s name. Since the phone’s name will appear as the network connection’s name, this will practically change the name of your hotspot as well. Please take note that renaming of your device will cause all linked devices to be disconnected and all prior settings to be lost.


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