How to connect iPhone to Chromebook? 4 Tips and Tricks

How to connect iPhone to chromebook

Operating systems used by Chromebook and Apple gadgets are distinct (OS). However, there are concerns with compatibility in the integration process for both Chromebooks and iPhones. There are several questions that may be asked when discussing this subject, such as Is iPhone suitable for Chromebook? How to connect iPhone to Chromebook? How can we upload, move, and transfer files from an iPhone to a Chromebook? Can I transfer using Google Photos? To be really honest, this blog will help you achieve that, and we can indirectly test it out by connecting and syncing images, movies, and other media files from an iPhone to a Chromebook via wired and wireless ways. Let’s find out right now!


How to connect iPhone to Chromebook via USB

The wired technique, which enables us to transfer photographs and movies over Universal Serial Bus, is the simplest (USB). We must first link the iPhone and Chromebook together using a USB lightning wire. As a consequence, an iPhone pop-up notification requesting the required permission to view media files will appear. Here, you must make sure that you provide it the required access; else, it won’t function.

So choose the Allow option. then navigate to File Manager on your Chromebook. Please select the “Apple iPhone” option that is located in the bottom left corner of the screen. Now, the Chromebook shows all of your media items, including your images and movies. Finally, you may use your iPhone to transmit or share the necessary photographs and movies.

How to connect iPhone to Chromebook via USB
How to connect iPhone to Chromebook via USB

How to connect iPhone to Chromebook without USB

Google Drive

The first approach is to take advantage of Google Drive. We can use Google Drive to transmit any necessary media assets. So, let’s look into it. You must have a Google Drive account to do so. If you don’t already have a Google Drive app, try downloading it and joining up.

After that, you must log in using your credentials. Open the app, choose the “Add” option, then pick and upload the pictures, movies, or other files you wish to send. Make sure Google Drive has the right access permissions. Open on your Chromebook using the same login information, then begin downloading the uploaded files.

The same procedures may even be used to move media files from an iPhone to a Chromebook using Google Photos. Therefore, please undertake the same procedures you used to set up Google Drive again if you wish to test it with Google Photos.

Droid Air

How to connect iPhone to Chromebook without USB
How to connect iPhone to Chromebook without USB

The next way is to utilize Air Droid. You must have an Air Droid account to do so. As a result, you must install the Air Droid program on your iPhone; it is open-source, so you may download and install it for free. Then, make an Air Droid account, register for it, and log in with your credentials. Then, under the My Device page, choose “Android Web.”

You may scan the QR code there, so get ready to do so. After that, launch Air Droid Web on your Chromebook and begin scanning the QR code using the Air Droid app on your iPhone. It will attach itself automatically after a successful scan. You may now use the Chromebook to access the media files on your iPhone. After that, you may transfer data from the iPhone to your Chromebook.

Drop the Snap

Snap drop is another wireless way for connecting an iPhone and a Chromebook. This will work even if you do not create an account. This will be similar to Apple’s AirDrop feature. Please confirm that your iPhone or Chromebook is linked to the same Wi-Fi network before proceeding; otherwise, it will not function.

Find on your Chromebook, open any favorite browser on your iPhone, and go to To choose the media or files you want to transfer from your iPhone to your Chromebook, tap or click on them. Check your Chromebook; a pop-up notice indicating the File received will appear. Click save or download it to finish. Your transfer is now complete. Even from the other end, you may attempt this. Do you realize how simple it is?

Google Photos

The simplest option is to download and install the free Google Photos app for iOS on an iPhone. For a variety of reasons, I suggest this even to iPhone users who do not own a Chromebook.

Google offers free cloud services for photographs up to 16MP and video up to 1080p, eliminating the need to utilize or pay for additional iCloud storage. Because the program will sometimes ask if it may remove the local files, this also helps clear up storage space on your iPhone. And once your iPhone images are in Google’s cloud, you can quickly access them on a Chromebook or any other gadget with a browser.

How to connect iPhone to Chromebook without USB: Google Photos 
How to connect iPhone to Chromebook without USB: Google Photos

Additionally, you may install and utilize the Google Photos App on android on your Chromebook to see the images from your iPhone. There is also a Google Photos Proactive Web App for Chrome OS.


This is how to connect iPhone to Chromebook. Both, as previously said, run on separate platforms. As a result, when connecting both directly, there will be greater complexity and compatibility difficulties. Despite the fact that various indirect techniques have been discovered, there is no official method for accessing all forms of media transfers from iPhone to Chromebook.

The procedures described above only function to upload, transfer, or move photographs or movies. Give each approach a shot; if you have problems with any of them, at least one of them should work properly. Congratulations on your iPhone and Chromebook combination!


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