How to fix a smartphone dropped in water

How to fix a smartphone dropped in water

How to fix a smartphone dropped in water? The cellphone has become a requirement for the general population in modern culture. People have higher expectations for both pixel sound quality and phone exon, especially women, who have higher expectations for pixel audio quality in general. The most dangerous thing to do with a smartphone is to drop it or immerse it in water. If the phone falls into the water and you process it quickly, the fuselage will be unaffected.

However, the influence on the camera is significant. So, what should you do if your phone falls into the water? How to fix a smartphone dropped in water that won’t come on after being dropped in water? Let’s follow us to find out a few ideas.


How to fix a smartphone dropped in water

How to fix a smartphone dropped in water
How to fix a smartphone dropped in water

Step 1: Pick up the smartphone

First and foremost, if your smartphone accidentally falls into the water, you should instantly scoop it up. The more the phone is submerged in water, the more damage it will sustain, thus it should be retrieved as soon as possible.

Step 2: Unplug the smartphone’s battery

Don’t switch on your phone or press any buttons until you’ve picked it up. If your phone’s battery is detachable, gently open the battery compartment and remove the cellphone battery and SIM card (s). If your phone’s battery is not detachable, send it to a repair shop right away for water treatment.

Step 3: Remove the water drops

After removing the battery, carefully clean it with a dry towel. You can continue with the following process after wiping away the exterior water drips. Please keep in mind that the hair dryer can not be used to dry the phone; alternatively, the high-temperature heat might cause irreversible harm to the phone’s delicate components.

Step 4: Put the phone in a sealed jar

After that, place the smartphone in a sealed jar filled with uncooked rice. Because uncooked rice absorbs liquids well. It is preferable to store it in a sealed jar for a few days or up to two months. In general, if the conditions allow, add a drying agent for better outcomes.

Step 5: Start the smartphone

How to fix a smartphone dropped in water
How to fix a smartphone dropped in water

After a few days or a month, remove your phone from such an airtight container filled with uncooked rice, install the batteries, and try to turn it on. If the smartphone can be successfully turned on, it can be used regularly. If the smartphone cannot be switched on, we are only left with the option of purchasing a new phone.

Note: If the phone is dropped in water, switch it off and change the battery to dry so that the charger does not become wet. If the phone goes on immediately, various parts within the smartphone may be burnt. Also, if the smartphone is ready to use, thoroughly inspect the parts to ensure that they function correctly.

How to Get a Wet Phone Dry

Drying out a phone is simple, although it does take some time, based on the methods used. In any case, make sure the interior of your phone is completely dry before turning it back on. Here are a few ways to mend a phone that has become wet.

Invest in a Mobile Phone Water Damage Kit

After you’ve dried your phone with a towel, removing the battery, and disinfected the surface, the best alternative is to utilize an emergency kit designed exclusively for wet phones. These kits, like the small packets seen in snack bags or gadgets boxes, employ synthetic adsorbents for moisture absorption from your cell phone. Simply place your phone in the bag, shut it, and wait—usually 24 hours.

This is the easiest technique to mend a phone that has been dropped in water without using rice, which can seep into the crevices and charging ports of your device once it has been soggy from soaking in the water from your phone.

Use Rice to Dry Your Wet Smartphone

How to Get a Wet Phone Dry
How to Get a Wet Phone Dry

If you don’t have a wet cellphone repair kit, rice is the next best option for preventing smartphone water damage. For years, this has been a did-try approach, but how precisely do you dry a wet cellphone in rice?

Find a lidded jar and load it with dry rice. Completely bury your smartphone and battery (if separated). Make sure it’s well coated on all sides, then set it in a well-lit area—on a sunny balcony, behind a warm and bright light, or somewhere else that will promote evaporation. The dry rice will moisture absorption from your phone’s hard-to-reach spots, and the sun’s heat will hasten the process.

While the solutions listed above can help you get your wet smartphone back up and running, they do not ensure that it will be fully functional. You still may need to have it properly repaired after it has been wet, but the cost of these repairs may be significantly lower as a result of your rapid steps in drying out your wet smartphone.

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