Restaurants in Papua New Guinea – Where to Eat in Papua New Guinea


Ever wonder what you can eat in Papua New Guinea? You will have a hard time choosing, as there is various local and international cuisine for you to satisfy your thirst and hunger, while you are on holiday in the country. The good thing is, the eateries cater to all age groups, so don’t worry if your kids are picky eaters. You can opt for kids friendly menu at some of the restaurants, too. Whether it is western, Korean, Japanese or Chinese cuisine, you will get to try and eat it all. Let’s join Bestechz to take a look at the best restaurants and cafes in Papua New Guinea.


Restaurants in Papua New Guinea



With its vibrant atmosphere and friendly staff, dining becomes a pleasure at our restaurant. Our experienced chefs have created a distinct International menu with flavors from India & the Mediterranean. Your dining experience is not complete until you taste one of our fine selection of desserts that will leave your taste buds tingling for your next visit. We have a fine selection of wines to accompany your meal and coffee, ports, or cognacs to conclude. Breakfast is served at 6 am every morning. Palazzo stays open until 1030pm Sunday to Thursday with the exception of Friday and Saturday evenings where understandably with the weekend upon us, we cater to your dining requirements up until midnight. Don’t forget to try our Indian Night Buffet&apos’s on Thursdays. Enjoy your next meal with us at Palazzo restaurant.

Mojo Social

Restaurants in Papua New Guinea - Where to Eat in Papua New Guinea

There is one bar and restaurant in Papua New Guinea that you should also check out. Mojo Social is not your usual bar – it is more than that. Whether you are having a cup of coffee or a plate of steak, this place has a unique dining atmosphere, quality service and it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. If you are a backpacker and traveling on a budget, you don’t need to worry.

While dining at Mojo Social, you need to order the pizzas and tapas. They are indeed delicious and this is the ideal place for kids and families looking for a place to spend time together and enjoy some good food.

 Daikoku Japanese Steak House

Restaurants in Papua New Guinea - Where to Eat in Papua New Guinea

Daikoku Japanese Steak House is also one of the favourite restaurants among tourists and locals in Papua New Guinea. You can opt for private rooms for your group or normal tables for your family. Just remember to book in advance, as this is the only Japanese restaurant in Port Moresby and it is usually packed. Watch the chef grill your teppanyaki to perfection while having your sushi, tempura, sashimi and refreshing soup.

Fusion Bistro

Restaurants in Papua New Guinea - Where to Eat in Papua New Guinea

Fusion Bistro is another eatery to consider while you are on vacation in Papua New Guinea. You can come and enjoy your meal any time of the day, as the restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Choose a few things from their menu and you will get to try various Asian dishes. The salt-and-pepper crab is Fusion Bistro’s signature dish and you don’t want to miss it. The tofu, clay pot chicken and vegetables are just the ideal dishes for lunch and dinner with your family. Even kids will love this place.

Seoul House Restaurant

Restaurants in Papua New Guinea - Where to Eat in Papua New Guinea

Nothing beats kimchi when it comes to Korean food. For Korean food fans and avid food lovers, drop by the Seoul House Restaurant for your lunch or dinner. You will be surprised to see some Thai dishes on the menu, as this restaurant doesn’t only serve Korean food. Since there are two different menus, Korean and Thai, you will have lots to choose from.

You can opt for seafood, meat and vegetables and, for a large group, a steamboat meal. If you opt for the Thai food, the Chicken Massaman Curry and the Pad Chicken are some of the dishes to try.

Ocean Restaurant

Get here early to secure a table on the small harbourside veranda at lunch – for our money, the most atmospheric dining in town. The menu is dominated by Chinese cuisine, but there are a few inspiring Filipino dishes and a smattering of Western pub-style meals. The lunch specials (K16 to K38) are from the Chinese or Western selection.

Next door is the Madang Club; officially you need to be member, or at least be signed in by one, but a bit of bravado will usually see you pass security to the Friday quiz night.