The best vegetables to eat safely and effectively for weight loss

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The best vegetables to eat and lose weight are a topic that many women are interested in. Because vegetables have a lot of fiber, lots of water and very few calories, it is very suitable and highly effective for weight loss. Therefore, vegetables are often chosen as the top food in the diet. Fiber is known to be an indispensable weight loss ingredient because it has the effect of “cleansing” of harmful residues, and at the same time assisting in digestion and excretion of toxins. In addition, eating vegetables regularly also helps to burn excess fat in the abdomen quickly. Therefore, eating a lot of vegetables will help support weight loss while also beautifying the skin, good for health. Following Bestechz to find out right now!

1. The best vegetables for weight loss

+ Bean sprouts
This is one of the very healthy foods. In bean sprouts contain many proteins, phosphorus, cellulose, zinc, lipids, carbohydrates and essential vitamins, they are not only good for the body but also support rapid weight loss.

The best vegetables for weight loss
The best vegetables for weight loss

Bean sprouts contain a lot of fiber and are low in calories. Some studies have shown that in 100g bean sprouts only 8 calories which contain very high amount of fiber and water. Therefore, they are very useful for the intestinal function, helping to prevent cardiovascular disease effectively. Especially if you lose weight with bean sprouts, your skin will not be wrinkled due to lack of water or dull skin.

There are many ways to cook bean sprouts for weight loss, you can eat whole bean sprouts or combine them with other ingredients such as stir-fried bean sprouts, cook soup, … or eat with pho, vermicelli to lose weight effectively. without fear of being bored.

Celery contains a lot of fiber and water, so they help support fat control effectively. In addition, celery also contains vitamins P, C, abumin, Ca, Fe, … very good for the body. You can choose how celery is used in everyday dishes such as soups, salads or as celery juice to drink every day.

+ Asparagus
These are not regular vegetables on the daily menu of Vietnamese people, but they are also listed in the list of the best vegetables for weight loss. Because asparagus contains compounds asparagine, they act directly and break down fat cells inside the body, thereby helping to promote weight loss process faster.

A sweet and crispy asparagus salad is sure to enrich your diet.

+ Broccoli
This vegetable is one of the positive contributors to the successful weight loss process of many women, not only that, they also help beautify the skin and prevent constipation effectively. Broccoli can be processed into a lot of delicious dishes for you to change the menu to become more diverse, to avoid boredom.

Broccoli- The best vegetables for weight loss
Broccoli- The best vegetables for weight loss

This vegetable has the ability to burn belly fat effectively. There have been many studies done showing the very good fat burning ability of spinach. Therefore, women should actively add this delicious vegetable to their weight loss diet. In addition, spinach is also very good for the elderly and children, so they can be used as food for the whole family.

Spinach- The best vegetables for weight loss
Spinach- The best vegetables for weight loss

2. The fruits and vegetables help support effective weight loss

Besides the best vegetables for weight loss, you should also not give up fruits and vegetables because they not only help to diversify the daily weight loss menu, but also support the beauty of the skin and effectively detoxify the body.

+ Tomatoes
Tomatoes are the secret to safe weight loss for many women. This is considered a golden food in support of weight loss. Tomatoes contain up to 70% water, in contrast the calorie content is very low. A 200g tomato contains only about 30 calories, so eating tomatoes regularly will help you control your weight very well. In addition, tomatoes also reduce the risk of stroke they are rich in lycopene antioxidants.

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+ Eggplant
This fruit is also quite familiar in Vietnamese family meals. Eggplant usually bears fruit all year round, so their price is also very cheap and can process many delicious dishes. Eggplant is rich in minerals that are beneficial for the body such as calcium, potassium, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C.

Although rich in nutrients, eggplant contains few calories, only 19 calories per 100g. Therefore, this fruit is very popular with overweight people. In addition, eggplant also helps to fight the stagnation of cholesterol, which in turn prevents stomach cancer effectively.

+ Carrots
This is the lowest calorie fruit you should add to your diet each week. The composition of carrots contains both soluble and insoluble fiber, making them perfect for any scientific weight loss formula.

+ Pumpkin

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Pumpkin is rich in fiber and low in calories. Therefore, this fruit is listed on the list of vegetables that help support the best weight loss today. You can cook soup, boil it, eat it with salads, they help provide many nutrients for the body and positively impact weight loss.

+ Beans.
In beans are high in fiber, they help support anti-inflammatory, effective against fat accumulation. You have many ways to prepare beans such as: cooking soup, cooking tea or served with salads.

+ Sweet potatoes.
With slightly more fiber than white potatoes, sweet potatoes have a sweet flavor that matches foods like kale and black beans. “My favorite way to enjoy sweet potatoes is to simply roast them, with the skin on.” After all, the skin is home to a large amount of the vegetable’s fiber filling. You can also cook a pizza with sweet potato shell or minced sweet potato. According to you to eat sweet potatoes to lose weight? That is the question of many of you and is the subject of controversy.