Xolo Q1010i review: Xolo best smartphone

Xolo Q1010i review: Xolo best smartphone

Only a few days ago, Xolo released their latest smartphone, the Xolo best smartphone Q1010i. The gadget was supposed to be developed to provide a superb camera experience at a low cost. The Xolo Q1010i is powered by a MediaTek MT6582 chipset and a quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex A7 CPU. In addition, the gadget has an 8-megapixel Sony Exmor R sensor with an f/2.0 aperture, 1.4-micron pixel size, and a 5-element lens. We’ll see how it functions as a smartphone camera and, of course, as a daily gadget. Let’s follow us to find out more about Xolo best smartphone Q1010i!


Design of Xolo best smartphone Q1010i

As predicted, the Xolo best smartphone Q1010i resembles its two-month-old predecessor, the Xolo best smartphone Q1010, exactly. The two phones differ from one another, but not enough for the differences to show in the design. The Q1010i has a high-end appearance and feel, and the metallic-framed back camera stands out. Although the phone’s metallic frame is also metallic, the remainder of the body effectively conceals it. It differs from the majority of other smartphones in this price range due to the high quality of the plastic utilized.

Additionally, the three keys are below on the bezel rather than on the screen, providing you with more space on the phone. Asahi Scratch Resistant Glass is used in the Q1010i. Full HD screens provide crystal-clear images. This 5-inch screen is good enough for you to watch movies on. Even at full brightness, it is not the best to look at in the sun. There were a few spots on the display when I had a white backdrop, but it may be an issue with the particular device.

Design of Xolo best smartphone Q1010i
Design of Xolo best smartphone Q1010i


The 5-inch IPS LCD screen of the Xolo best smartphone Q1010i has a 720 x 1280 pixel resolution. The sum of the values equals a 294 PPI pixel density, which is exceptionally crisp by any standards and makes it difficult to distinguish between individual pixels. The overall quality is pretty nice, and the screen has wonderful colors. The display has a rather wide range of viewing angles, and we did not notice any contrast compression or color change while looking at it from different angles.


Comparatively speaking, the Xolo best smartphone Q1010i has larger internal storage. So, out of the 8GB, you will have about 6GB available. This also implies that you can wait a few months before purchasing an SD card.


When a smartphone performs well in the initial benchmark test, it gives you a nice feeling since you know you only paid a small portion of what the item would normally cost. One such item is the Q1010i. It features high-end specifications, as I already mentioned, so you won’t experience any difficulties with daily tasks. When I tried my hand at various games, there was no latency and multitasking ran smoothly. The phone does occasionally become a little warm. However, generally, the experience exceeds your expectations given the cost.


Software: Xolo best smartphone Q1010i

The phone now runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean but will eventually support Android Kitkat. The phone is equipped on the go (OTG), therefore instead of using an SD card, I would suggest purchasing one of the new USB ports that you can connect into the micro-HDMI socket. The lack of bloatware on the phone is a positive thing.

User Experience

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is used by the Xolo Q1010i, which is unfortunate given that KitKat 4.4 is already available. Although the UI’s general appearance is pretty similar to stock Android, the device does come with a few Xolo software tweaks. The smartphones’ quad-core CPU and 1 GB of RAM let them function without any glitches most of the time. Although there is occasionally latency, we think that’s primarily because of certain flaws the device already has.

The power management app known as Xolo Power is the first intriguing piece of home-backed technology that the Xolo Q1010i offers. The purpose of the particularly created software is to improve the battery’s functionality overall.

The Xolo Power has a very straightforward and user-friendly interface. You may view the app’s projected usage hours, battery temperature, and remaining battery level. Another intriguing software from the firm is called Xolo Secure. You may safeguard your smartphone with the security app in the event that it is stolen or lost.

You may back up your private information to the cloud with Xolo Secure, and all you need to do to activate the app is sign in with your Gmail account and provide all the required permissions. After that, you may customize the Anti-Theft features, which allow you to remotely track your phone, erase all of its data, securely lock it, or even sneakily take pictures of it.


The 8MP camera on this phone, which uses a Sony Exmor sensor, is perhaps the largest improvement. Sony has been putting a lot of effort into improving its phone cameras, and the Q1010i is proof of that. This camera reacts quickly and accurately. You don’t need to wait for the camera to take a photo. The effects are extremely spectacular when you are shooting outside.

Although there is a slight lack of clarity inside, the f/2.0 aperture makes up for it far more than the other smartphones in this price bracket. Additionally, the camera app offers a ton of functions that are uncommon on other Android phones. The picture styles and more intricate settings like ISO and saturation are also quite playable. Yes, the phone’s camera is its finest feature.

Artificial Benchmarks

In an effort to compare the Xolo Q1010i to some of its competitors, we made the decision to put it through its paces. Has the corporation been able to make the most of the Cortex A7 CPU, which isn’t exactly the benchmark king? Let’s see, then. With the help of the Benchmark Pi app, the single-core performance test was conducted first. Really unexpectedly, the smartphone scored a respectable 275, outperforming its peers.

Artificial Benchmarks
Artificial Benchmarks: Xolo best smartphone Q1010i

The second difficulty came when we attempted to use the AnTuTu benchmark to gauge the device’s general performance. The outcome showed that the gadget is completely deserving of the flagship label because its performance was on par with some of the more expensive models. The Epic Citadel test was the next to put the Mali 400M2 GPU through its paces. The Xolo Q1010i was able to achieve a decent result that is comparable to the top smartphones of 2012.

The Epic Citadel test was the next to put the Mali 400M2 GPU through its paces. The Xolo best smartphone Q1010i was able to achieve a decent result that is comparable to the top smartphones of 2012. The investigation of the Xolo Q1010i’s web browsing performance came last. And the smartphone once more produced outstanding results that were nearly identical to those of the Samsung Galaxy S4.


The Xolo best smartphone Q1010i appears to be a fantastic alternative if you’re searching for a nice mid-range Android. If you enjoy playing with cameras and want to display fashionable equipment, buy this. The Moto G is a competitor at this price point, but the Xolo Q1010i’s street price can sway your choice in its favor.