3 Best non Chinese smartphone under 1500$

Best non Chinese smartphone under 1500$

China has been quickly expanding in the electronic markets of many countries for several decades. Because of their low cost and simple accessibility to various company tactics. However, some consumers are still hesitant to acquire Chinese items. Have you also opted to purchase the best non chinese smartphone under 1500$? Then you’ve come to the correct place.

But first, you must understand the distinctions between Chinese and non-Chinese smartphones or non-Made in China smartphone firms. You will learn about certain smartphone firms that are not Chinese or are not manufactured in China but originate in the United States, Taiwan, South Korea, and other countries.

Samsung Galaxy M32

Samsung Galaxy M32
Samsung Galaxy M32

We were dissatisfied with the specs and pricing of the Samsung Galaxy M42 when it was released. We’ve even discussed why you should and shouldn’t buy the Galaxy M42. Later, Samsung realized that this smartphone was subpar. However, Samsung has addressed the flaws of the Galaxy 42 by releasing the Galaxy M32.

As of currently, no other non-Chinese brand can match the Galaxy M32. Looking at the specifications, it appears that Samsung has finally found its sweet spot.

  • The 6.4-inch FHD+ AMOLED display is unique in this market. At this price, even many Chinese smartphones lack AMOLED panels.
  • What’s more, the refresh rate is 90Hz. The AMOLED delivers deep blacks and vibrant colors, and the full – HD refresh rate ensures that everything runs smoothly.
  • The CPU utilized and here’s the MediaTek G80, which is not the most recent but is far superior to any Exynos processor.
  • This CPU is capable of handling both games and demanding tasks.
  • Multitasking and saving photos/videos are handled by 4/6GB RAM and 64/128GB storage, respectively.
  • The 6000mAh battery is a beast. With intensive usage, you may easily achieve 1.5 days of battery life and 30 hours of battery life.
  • One item that let us down was the 15W charger. Using this 15W charger, charging such large batteries can take up to 2 hours. The phone itself can handle 25W.
  • The primary 64MP camera works admirably in all lighting conditions. The photographs shot with this camera are crisp and vibrant.
  • The 8MP super-duper camera performs admirably as well. The other 2MP macro and 2MP devices that measures are ineffective.
  • The 20MP front-facing camera produces crisp images. The Galaxy M32’s cameras are excellent.
  • On this phone, the ONEUI 3.1 android based 11 runs smoothly. Knox and AltZ security measures are present.

Given that it’s the Best non Chinese smartphone under 1500$, there are just a few minor flaws to point out.

Nokia G20

Nokia G20
Nokia G20

Nokia needs no introduction because it was once the most trusted brand. Many people have had an emotional connection to this brand. However, Nokia is currently absent from the market due to the failure of its most recent offerings. Still, the company is trying to stay alive by releasing a few entry-level handsets, the newest of which is the Nokia G20. Is it, however, worth a look?

  • To begin with, the design is comparable to other Mobiles we’ve seen thus far. Polycarbonate is used to make it. Even yet, to be honest, the in-hand feel isn’t all that horrible.
  • The phone has a 6.5-inch HD display, which is lackluster for the price. However, in-person, the screen provides a satisfactory experience with no loss of sharpness.
  • The colors on this screen are a touch washed out, and the monitor’s low brightness makes it difficult to see outside.
  • The MediaTek G35 CPU powers the Nokia G20. We’ve seen this CPU in operation on low-cost smartphones like the POCO C3, which costs far less than the G20.
  • The day-to-day quality is excellent, but when you push the CPU to its limits, you will notice latency. Overall, the experience is average.

Motorola G40 Fusion

Motorola G40 Fusion
Motorola G40 Fusion

Before you wonder whether Motorola is controlled by Lenovo, a Chinese corporation, we’d like to point out that the Moto G40 Fusion is designed specifically for India. Yes, Motorola is controlled by Lenovo, but it operates as a separate entity. It indicates that Lenovo receives only a portion of the profit (not the entire amount). However, because Motorola is based in the United States, you can rely on their cellphones.

When it comes to the phone itself, it’s designed for folks who appreciate a simple stock UI. Not only the UI but also the other specs, are capable of making you fall in love with this phone.

  • The Display is the main talking point. This phone has a 6.78-inch Fhd+ display with a refresh rate of 120Hz with HDR10.
  • The colors are vibrant overall, and the fast refresh rate makes everything silky smooth. You will undoubtedly liked this presentation.
  • The Qualcomm 732G Processor is excellent for everyday chores. Even gaming isn’t enough to make this CPU sweat. It’s a no-brainer to use this phone for day-to-day chores.
  • The triple camera arrangement is insufficient. The primary 64MP camera takes some nice images in the daytime, but the other two (8 MP wide, 2MP macro) are only okay. The total camera quality is adequate but not outstanding.

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