Best Restaurants in Canada

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If you want to have dinner in a Canadian restaurant, you will surely get at a table and have scrumptious food, for which the country is famous. The best thing about the restaurant industry is that Canadians are not limited in any aspect. Millions of tourists from all over the world visit this awesome country every year. It provides one of the largest catering industries which produces billions of dollars in revenue. From job creation to handling millions of customers this burgeoning industry has the best talent. Toronto, Canada in specific is known to have the best restaurants in the world. Canada as a whole is full of awesome dining places.


Grey Gardens

Best Restaurants in Canada
Best Restaurants in Canada

Grey Gardens lives up to its bohemian-luxe address in Kensington Market; it’s just vintage enough without feeling dowdy. Menu standouts here include sweet shrimp with compressed watermelon radishes and a dry-aged Peking-style duck breast, served on homemade sauerkraut and duck fried rice. Pop in for a glass of rare Sauternes and a snack after work (no reservations required), or come with a friend to linger over dinner in the back dining room (reservations only).

Alo Restaurant

The corner of Queen and Spadina was never the most posh or interesting address in Toronto, so when chef Patrick Kriss announced he would open a restaurant on the third floor of a historic Victorian building there, local foodies were skeptical. Once Alo opened in 2015 with high-concept, French-inflected cuisine, it soon topped critics’ choice lists around the world and Kriss’ naysayers became believers. The menu changes with the seasons; you’re as likely to encounter 30-day dry-aged rack of lamb as you are Hokkaido sea urchin with fennel, wasabi, and yuzu.

Sotto Sotto

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Sotto Sotto’s Italian cooking is flavorful and filling, but it may not impress food-lovers accustomed to more inventive menus—in some ways being at this restaurant is more important than eating at this restaurant. That said, the seafood risotto (which takes about 40 minutes to prepare) is incredible. And the wine list, dominated by super Tuscans along with a couple of frizzy Franciacortas has a lot of quality, if pricey offerings. The best time to come is during the Toronto International Film Festival during the first half of September when you might be seated next to an A-list actor.

Tennessee Tavern

Best Restaurants in Canada

Tennessee Tavern isn’t high-brow by any measure. Patrons are here to get their pierogi fix in a fun environment—and, of course, dig into the best Eastern European food in Toronto. Anything hailing from East and Southeast Europe is fair game here; the menu boasts everything from cucumber salad with feta, sumac, and dill to ćevapčići, a traditional Bosnian sausage. Kick off the meal with assorted pickles and an order of the boiled eggs with kielbasa and whole-grain mustard. Desserts are a bit lacking, but the main dishes are so hearty that you probably won’t have room, anyway.

Hawksworth Restaurant

Best Restaurants in Canada

801 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6C 1P7, Canada

This restaurant is known for its seafood presentation in an wonderful manner. The tuna prepared here is state of the art. The customers also praise that the seating arrangement is open most of the time. Hawksworth restaurant is known for its Sushi with the fine tuna as the main ingredient. Once you enter there is a highly positive vibe which makes this place a must-go for everyone. The service is also of a very high standard and there are teams for individual tasks. From starters to desserts each and every team works in a perfect manner to create a high-quality ambiance.

Damas Restaurant

Best Restaurants in Canada
Best Restaurants in Canada

1201 Ave Van Horne, Outremont, QC H2V 1K4, Canada

For all Arabs visiting Canada specifically, QC Damas restaurant is just like a second home. The entire food menu is Syrian and therefore the related delicacies can be found easily. The staff is well trained and knows the job quite well. With multiple sites offering reservations sometimes it is difficult to find a place here. The new location which has been recently designed will make the customers really stunned.


Best Restaurants in Canada
Best Restaurants in Canada

Cuisine: European

Style / Ambiance: Located in Toronto’s trendy Yorkville district, Sassafraz has emerged as a favorite with celebrities, locals and tourists alike.

Renovated in recent years following a fire in 2006, the restaurant has emerged as a serene, fresh and relaxed establishment. The interior décor of pale greens and light woods creates the perfect ambiance within which diners can enjoy delights such as Artichoke and Goat Cheese Cappelletti with Tomato Basil Broth, or Ontario Tenderloin Chops and Lamb Shank Rissoles with Summer Squash Ribbons, Eggplant Caviar and Sauce Côte d’Azur. Set in a street of Victorian rowhouses, the restaurant hints at its eclectic and vibrant menu with a wonderfully bright yellow exterior.