Honor 7S review: Affordable smartphone by Honor

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The Honor 7S is a budget smartphone with Android Oreo support and dual SIM support. Hardware configuration makes people believe that this smartphone runs quite slowly. To find out if this is true, read the Honor 7S review below. Bestechz will also compare it with a few comparable phones like the Honor 7A, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A, and Huawei’s Y5.


Design of Honor 7S

In terms of design, the new smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer has a fairly thin screen bezel, gently rounded corners. A pretty safe design! With the affordable price, the case of Honor 7S is made entirely of plastic is also understandable. The back of the machine is adorned with small grooves. However, not because of the plastic material that the machine loses its strength. The slots at the junction between the screen cover are very regular and there is no excess gaps. The physical buttons have good bounce, the SIM / SD card slot is firmly in the corresponding position.

Honor 7S review:  Affordable smartphone by Honor
Honor 7S review: Affordable smartphone by Honor

Weighing in at just 142 grams, the Honor 7S is the lightest device in the comparison list. Its 3-round measurement is the common 146.5 x 70.9 x 8.3 mm for a 5.45-inch device in this price range.


The device runs Android 8.1 Oreo with EMIUI 8.1 interface right out of the factory. The phone comes with very few pre-installed third-party apps, and the ones present can be easily uninstalled. Also, you can open multiple user accounts on Honor 7S.


Rear camera
Honor has equipped the 7S with a 13MP main camera. The panoramas are of average quality, but when I look closely I see that the subject boundaries are not very clear. On the other hand, the bright and dark areas in the image are distinguished quite clearly, in the dark areas only notice a color difference. Under normal lighting, close-up shooting looks better, but the boundaries between the subjects are also not as clear.

The main camera cannot take good pictures in low light. The light sensitivity of the Honor 7S is enough to capture all the subjects in the scene, but only produces a blurred and blurred photo.

Front camera

The 5MP front camera takes good selfies in well-lit conditions. As long as the subject of the photo remains in the fixed focus field. At this time the machine can take sharp pictures. Subjects outside of the focus area become noticeably blurred.

Operation, security

Honor has installed a “Swift Key” keyboard app on the 7S. This keyboard allows users to type quickly and easily. It also offers a host of interface customization options.

The touch screen of the machine responds to operations quickly and reliably, although the level of friction between the screen and the fingertips is a bit high. This is what makes drag, drop, and swipe gestures more difficult. Also, the position sensor reacts very slowly.


Overall performance rating
Powering the Honor 7S is an 8-core MediaTek chip clocked at 1.5GHz, a PowerVR GE8100 GPU, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. These hardware components are often found in budget smartphones that can run both Android Oreo and simple apps.

In benchmarks, the performance of the Honor 7S is relatively low. In almost every test, the machine is usually in the penultimate position. In everyday use, the Honor 7S takes some time to load when using basic tasks, like opening the settings menu, for example.

Honor 7S review:  Affordable smartphone by Honor
Honor 7S review: Affordable smartphone by Honor

The ability to surf the web
7S is also near the bottom in browser benchmarks. Both in JetStream 1.1 and Octave V2, as well as Mozilla Kraken 1.1, the Honor 7S performed below average. However, in everyday use, web surfing goes smoothly and web pages load quickly. Multimedia content loads a bit slower.

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Ability to play games

The PowerVR GE8100 GPU is only suitable for simple 3D applications. It has no problems with regular games and older games, but games with heavier graphics make it take a long time to load and / or run only at low graphics settings.

The large friction of the touchscreen also hinders gaming. Swipe-based controls are much more difficult to perform than on other smartphones. Additionally, the position sensor response is often delayed, which has a significant impact on games that require this control element.

Battery life

Tested at a brightness of 150 cd / m², the device can last for 14 hours in the wifi web browsing test. With such runtime the Honor 7S ranks first among its comparable competitors.