How to connect two Airpods to one phone: 8 easy steps for you

how to connect two airpods to one device

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could exchange audio without polluting your earbuds by connecting two airpods to one phone? Not to mention, using earbuds together isn’t the cleanest method to listen. Anyone would hesitate if they wondered where their friend’s earbud had gone before they inserted it into their ear. Fortunately, you can do just that thanks to Apple’s audio sharing function! Here is the guide on how to connect two airpods to one phone from


AirPods’ audio-sharing function from Apple

As previously mentioned, Apple just released the audio sharing function for Apple AirPods. In name only, this capability enables simultaneous audio sharing between two sets of Apple AirPods and a single phone.

If you and your friend wish to listen to the same song at the same time, this function can be fantastic. Only smartphones running iOS 13 or later will be able to use this function since it was added with the iOS 13 upgrade. It enables you to connect two wired headphones simultaneously using your Apple AirPods in a manner similar to a headphone jack splitter.

How to connect two Airpods to one phone

It’s time to figure out how to connect two airpods to one phone now that you know you can!

The Apple audio sharing capability can be used as follows:

  1. First, you must attach both sets of AirPods to the computer. You must first turn on Bluetooth on your device in order to do this. Toggle Bluetooth on by going to Settings > Bluetooth.
  2. Place both pairs of AirPods in the charging case and shut the lid before returning to your home screen.
  3. Simply open the case for the first set of AirPods, and a pop-up with a setup animation should display on the phone. After selecting Connect, close the pop-up.
  4. To activate the setup animation for the second set of AirPods, open the case lid and then press and hold the setup button on the back of the case.
  5. Your AirPods will be connected to the gadget once you tap Connect > Done.
  6. Head on to your Control Center.
  7. In the control center’s upper right corner, tap the Airplay button. This indicator, which displays a triangle above a sequence of concentric circles, is situated next to the audio that is now playing.

How to connect two Airpods to one phone

8. By touching the circle next to each set of AirPods’ names, you can pick both pairs from this point on, then start listening to your audio.            Both Airpod pairs ought to produce sound.

Both pairs of AirPods will begin playing audio from your Apple smartphone as soon as they are paired. Both of their volume levels can be adjusted from your phone. Next, let’s look at in the following.

How to control the use for volume and noise

Here’s how to adjust the volume and noise settings for each set of AirPods so that you may share your audio with another pair:

  1. Navigate to your device’s Control Center.
  2. You may adjust the volume for each pair of AirPods using the two sliders that are located next to their names.

How to connect two Airpods to one phone

You may pause/play music or videos inside the app that is playing them without using the control center.

How can two Apple iPhones exchange audio?

How can two Apple iPhones exchange audio

Some of you might desire to utilize a single pair of AirPods on two distinct iPhones or iPads, even though we have already covered the entire lesson on how to connect two airpods to one phone simultaneously. If you own several Apple devices or if you want to watch a film with a friend while your own music is playing, this can be really helpful. Fortunately, the process described above can be used to pair two Apple iPhones with a single set of Apple AirPods, as you can see here:

  • Simply open the charging case on your Apple AirPods and attach them to your primary iPhone device to begin.
  • Then, tap the AirPlay icon in Control Center.
  • Move your second iPhone closer to your primary iPhone after choosing the Share Audio option here.
  • In order to share audio across your two iPhones, you must lastly press the Join button on your secondary iPhone device. This will link both of your iPhones to the same pair of Apple AirPods.


There may be instances when you desire to listen to the same music in many cases if you and your friends or family have Apple AirPods as well. Even if you can manually play the same song on all of your phones, Apple has a far superior solution. The audio sharing function in AirPods makes this possible. By following the instructions above on how to connect two airpods to one phone simultaneously, you can also make use of this capability.

Along with instructions on how to pair two Apple iPhones exchange audio, we’ve also provided information on how to adjust the volume on these two Apple AirPods.

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