Review Honor Play: Cheap smartphone gaming for everyone!

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The Honor Play may not look like other gaming smartphones, but it is the first Huawei gaming phone with the aim of impressing gamers at a low price. The highlight that powers Honor Play is that manufacturers have removed temperature and performance limitations to bring high benchmarks – also known as “performance mode”. ). The Honor Play has a powerful chip that comes with the manufacturer’s tweaks such as in-game vibrations, 3D sound for a great gaming experience! In this review, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the Honor Play phone!


Design of Honor Play

Review Honor Play- Design
Review Honor Play- Design

The device’s design and exterior materials do not follow the general trend of gaming smartphones. Which means there will be no transparent backs or aggressive designs. The back of the Honor Play is simply in the design style of the Iphone. This design does not impress real gamers, but is easily accepted by the majority of users.

The finish of the machine is said to be quite good in the price range. The shell is a bit rickety. The physical buttons are pretty solid. There is a point I am not satisfied with is that the machine is very light, the feeling of holding is not very comfortable.

Honor Play was introduced with quite a lot of colors towards the youthfulness of gamers. In addition to the basic colors like black, blue and purple, you can add a little fee to own the “Player Editon” version with the laser-etched dorsal motifs like electrical paths on the mainboard boards. The “Player Edition” is available in black and red.

honor play editor

Software of Honor Play

Review Honor Play- Software
Review Honor Play- Software

The device is shipped with EMUI 8.0 on Android 8.1

You may be a bit disappointed if you are looking for a perfectly optimized version of android gaming like other gaming series. On the Honor Play only a handful of pre-installed games as well as Game Suite software like other Huawei smartphones. Game Suite allows you to turn off all notifications during game play as well as optimize your device’s performance for the best gaming experience.

However, you must also accept to live with a large number of manufacturer’s pre-installed software. These are programs that you cannot uninstall but can only be deactivated. I have found some Huawei apps and tools that are also quite useful.

Connect ability

Wifi connection speed, 4g
The Honor Play supports wifi pretty well with 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac standards. In a test when it was about 10m away from the source and 3 walls, the Honor Play still got half the wave mark, the web page loaded longer, but I personally think the ability to catch the wifi of the machine is quite good.

Camera of Honor Play

Rear camera
Honor Play is equipped with 2 rear camera lenses, one 16Mp and the other only 2Mp for improved depth of field. AI-supported camera, capable of analyzing image content before taking pictures to choose the correct settings. AI shooting mode helps image quality, colors are greatly enhanced, sometimes making the photo look more like a comic book. The whole image is very sharp, the auto-brightening mode in low-light conditions works fine. While noise is still noticeable and some details are lacking when shooting in low light.

Front camera

dien thoai honor play 768x521 1
The front camera of the device is also equipped with a 16MP lens and can use AI mode to take perfect pictures. In my opinion, the color of the image is reproduced quite well, the sharpness is good.

Operation, security

Touch screen of the machine has a good surface, responsive even at the edges. The screen of the device also supports glove mode or one-handed control.

The fingerprint sensor of the device is located on the back. Unlock speed is fast and reliable. In addition, the device is also equipped with face unlock, but this is just a software algorithm, you can unlock it with a photo.

Battery life

Honor Play with 3750 mAh battery for wifi up to 11h50 and 3h24 while gaming. In general, when comparing battery life with competitors in the same segment, the Honor Play performs well. It did not look inferior.

Along with the included fast charger, the device is fully charged in about 2 hours.