The reasons you are always tired and the things to do

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Fatigue is one of the most common conditions in modern society. This can be a hallmark of some medical conditions, but it can also be a manifestation of an improper lifestyle. Now, let’s find out the reasons why you are always tired and some things to do to solve this problem with Bestechz!

Fatigue can happen at any time of the day. This can take many different forms, including poor concentration and performance, frequent anger and feeling exhausted. Fatigue can be related to daily life or can also be caused by health problems such as depression, obesity, diabetes, ….


1. Consuming too many refined carbohydrates

Carbohydrates also known as Carbs are molecules that contain atoms such as hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. This is one of 3 macronutrients that help provide calories and energy for the body.

How to fix

Consuming too much sugar and refined carbs can lead to unstable blood sugar levels leading to fatigue. Therefore, to improve this phenomenon, you should choose the right type of carbs that you need to supplement every day.

To regulate blood sugar and keep energy levels stable, you should replace foods high in sugar and refined carbs with foods rich in fiber. For example, regularly add green vegetables and legumes to the body.

2. Insufficient sleep or poor quality of sleep

The reasons you are always tired and the things to do
The reasons you are always tired and the things to do

Insufficient sleep or poor quality of sleep is one of the causes of fatigue and exhaustion in you. Normally, the body accelerates its regeneration and recovery when you sleep. So, after a good night’s sleep, you will feel relaxed, alert and full of energy.

However, if you don’t get a good night’s sleep, the likelihood of you getting tired after each wake-up is quite high.

Pillows or mattresses are uncomfortable
Use your electronic device before you go to sleep
Stay up too late

How to fix

One of the ways to help you fall asleep is to turn off all electronic devices at least 1 hour before bed. In addition, you should choose soft pillows or mattresses that do not cause discomfort when lying down.

If the lights or outside noise are the main cause of your sleep problems. For quality sleep, turn off lights, sleep in a dark, soundproofed room or wear an eye mask or use noise-canceling earplugs. The most important thing to always get enough sleep is that the patient should maintain a steady sleep routine every day.

3. The body is not getting enough protein

Consuming enough protein plays an important role in maintaining metabolism. Besides, they also help support weight loss and prevent fatigue in the body. However, in some cases the body does not get enough protein which can lead to many diseases. In particular, protein deficiency in children can cause Kwashiorkor disease.

In addition, a lack of protein for a long time can cause moodiness, depression, and directly impact mental health. This is what makes your body feel tired and exhausted all the time.

How to fix

In order for your metabolism to go smoothly and to prevent fatigue, you should consume a high-quality protein source with every meal every day.

4. Lazy movement

Lazy exercise or not wanting to move is the root cause of many dangerous diseases. Sedentary, sitting too much will make the skeletal system and ligaments associated with the bones become stiff, less flexible and flexible. This is also the factor that makes you often tired when doing any exercise.

How to fix

Some studies show that active exercise helps reduce the feeling of fatigue in healthy people and patients with other diseases. Not to mention, regular movement will help the skeletal system become flexible, reducing the risk of diseases of the bones and joints. At the same time, this approach also helps to lose weight, stress and limit cancer.

To increase the body’s energy levels and improve fatigue symptoms, instead of sitting still and watching TV, sit down or stand up and walk around whenever possible. In addition, you should also take the stairs instead of the elevator or ride a bicycle instead of driving for short distances.

5. Stress, excessive stress

Stress or long-term stress can have profound effects on your health. According to the researchers, normal stress and stress could be related factors in your fatigue. When the stress level is severe, the feeling of fatigue will gradually increase.

How to fix

The reasons you are always tired and the things to do
The reasons you are always tired and the things to do

Excess stress causes fatigue and reduces quality of life. Therefore, to improve this situation, you should participate in physical or mental activities such as meditation, relaxing with music or doing yoga exercises, …