What are the reasons that make it difficult to sleep?

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As you know, the brain will rest when people fall asleep. Most of us also assume that going to sleep is simply slowly falling asleep, and that we will gradually transition from the conscious state to the unconscious. In fact, the human brain has to go through a period to fully enter a state of sleep. The article not only lists the reasons that make it difficult to sleep, but also helps us discover some of the strange kinds of feelings at the stage when people try to fall asleep. Follow Bestechz to find out right now!


What are the reasons that make it difficult to sleep?


Even though they are sleeping, the human brain and body continue to communicate with each other. The brain sends out a signal telling the body to move as a test of whether the body has actually fallen asleep. The reason for this is to prevent the body from responding to what happens in dreams during REM sleep. If the body still shows rolling symptoms, then we have not completely fallen asleep.


This feeling is especially frightening and keeps you from falling asleep again. Kind of like a nightmare. If it falls into this sensation, it is usually something that feels either falling off a cliff, or having a very heavy fall. You only really feel relieved when you realize it yourself, everything is not real.


Headaches are really bad. Often times when we have a headache, we want to rest well, but it is not easy to take a nap. Because even when the eyes are closed, the pain is still throbbing, especially for those who suffer from migraines. If you encounter the above problem, it proves that your body is depressed, causing difficulty sleeping, difficult to nap.

Brain fever

Obviously, there are many factors that influence sleep, such as stress during the day or when we are sick. If you experience dizziness, dizziness, nausea, nervousness, tinnitus, and a lot of buzzing in your head, those are the signs of a fever. Similar to the feeling of headaches, if we encounter this situation, it is extremely difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

Feeling of panic

Sometimes having so many things to deal with and accomplish will mess with our mind, making it difficult to fall asleep because of a feeling of insecurity. These feelings of anxiety and panic dominate the mind and prevent them from being fully rested and relaxed. Even if we have overslept, when we suddenly wake up, we will have certain difficulties if we want to go back to sleep.


Involuntary seizures, if any, are often related to a prescription you took earlier or due to a lack of certain vitamins in your body. It can also be a sign of restless leg syndrome, which is usually also not serious. Restless Legs Syndrome (also known as Restless Legs Syndrome: RLS) is a disorder caused by a person’s strong urge to move their legs. There is usually a feeling of discomfort in the legs and is somewhat improved with movement. With symptoms like soreness, a tingling sensation or a crawling sensation in the leg. Occasionally can affect the arm. This comes at rest and can cause trouble sleeping. Due to sleep disruption, RLS patients may experience daytime sleepiness, low body energy, irritability, and depressed mood. In addition, many people experience convulsions in their limbs during sleep.

What are the reasons that make it difficult to sleep?
What are the reasons that make it difficult to sleep?

How to reduce anxiety?

Identify your worries

Anxiety is one of the factors that make it difficult to sleep. Make an effort to reduce anxiety, especially before bed. To reduce anxiety, think about the causes of your worries and write them down with solutions. Remember, tomorrow is a new day, and we will have time to settle any problems.


What are the reasons that make it difficult to sleep?
What are the reasons that make it difficult to sleep?

Meditation is an effective way to clear the mind. There are tons of free YouTube guided meditation videos that we can check out. If you meditate while lying in bed, you will probably fall asleep soundly.

Get help

If strange feelings, physiological shocks occur every night and they interfere with your sleep, see your doctor immediately. Maybe doctors will prescribe medications to help you sleep and relax your mind. Not excluded you need to consult a psychiatrist. In short, if we feel overwhelmed, let us seek help.