Bangladeshi Foods That You Must Try In Bangladesh

Sobji Khichuri

Bangladesh, or the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, is a country in Southeast Asia. It is surrounded by India, Myanmar, and the Bay of Bengal. It is the world’s eighth-most populated country, and it offers its visitors plenty of cultural activities to explore. If you are into visual arts, you can check out the National Art Gallery. Or head to Ahsan Manzil to check out Bangladeshi architecture – it was formally the residential palace of the Nawab of Dhaka, and today houses a museum. If you prefer to spend your time outdoors, you can head to Patenga Sea Beach, where you can stroll along the water’s edge and watch the sunset. And of course, there is plenty of food to enjoy in the country as well. To help you decide what to eat, we have created a list of top Bangladeshi foods that you must try in Bangladesh. So keep on reading to see the options.



Fuchka- Bangladeshi Foods
Fuchka- Bangladeshi Foods

It’s a street food. Small dough balls which are stuffed with a chickpea (garbanzo) salad made with jalapenos. Can be spicy. It is served with a tangy tamarind vinaigrette. There is usually the option to have this served not spicy which means the addition of a yogurt sauce on top. Many vendors mix a special black salt into the yogurt sauce.

Rumali roti (flatbread)

Rumali roti (flatbread)- Bangladeshi Foods
Rumali roti (flatbread)- Bangladeshi Foods

If you are a bread lover, then you will enjoy rumali roti – a thin flatbread that tends to be eaten with tandoori dishes (dishes cooked in a clay or metal oven in a cylindrical shape, called a tandoor). The name translates to “handkerchief bread” in English, which makes sense, as the bread is thin and floppy and typically served folded like a handkerchief. Historically, it was used to wipe one’s hands after eating a meal. On the street, you’ll find vendors flipping and stretching the bread in the air, a skill that takes a while to perfect – think of all the dropped rumali rotis! They are made with flour and water. It is kneaded, rolled out thin, and heated in a flat, hot surface until bubbles start to rise. This is the perfect accompaniment to your meal.

Hilsha (national fish of Bangladesh)

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Hilsha is the national fish of Bangladesh, so it is no surprise that it is one of the most popular dishes here. There are a variety of ways to cook the hilsha fish, but the most common way to eat it is in a curry – indeed, hilsha curry is a popular dish Bangladesh. This flavoursome dish is made by marinating the fish in chilli paste and turmeric and then frying the fish. Once cooked, it is served on a bed of rice. The hilsha can also be smoked, steamed, or baked, and it is typically served with a variety of vegetables and spices. If you like it, why not try it cooked in multiple ways?

Bhuna Khichuri

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The Bengali food “Bhuna Khichuri” is the mixture of deep fried brown rice and lentil. The process of making it is easier than making other dishes. That’s why most of the people cook it when they want to make a tasty dish in a short time. Also, it spreads very enchanting aroma while it is being cooked.

Although Bhuna Khichuri is all about Rice and Lentil, but many people add different kinds of meats (Chicken, Beef and Mutton), Prawns or Eggs to enhance it’s taste. Nowadays, people also love to eat this item with fried brinjal.

Pithe (Bengali rice cake)

Pithe (Bengali rice cake)- Bangladeshi Foods
Pithe is a crepe-like rice cake that can be served hot or cold. While recipes vary by region, these are generally served as a sweet treat with ingredients like coconut or banana. In Bangladesh, pithe is served year-round, but there are a special pithe made during the harvest festivals. These tend to be made with coconut and date tree molasses. Regardless of the time of year or the recipe, if you’ve got a sweet tooth, this is definitely a street food you’ll want to try.



Paratha is a popular bread in Bangladesh which is made with baking flour. It is layered with the oil on a frying pan. In particular, Paratha is eaten in breakfast with Vaji, Lentil or fried eggs and it is very common in Bangladesh. The Nehari – a cooked beef shank items is also eaten with the Paratha. If you visit Bangladesh, you will find Paratha in every breakfast. Important to realize, people of Bangladesh also take Paratha with the desserts. On the other hand, you will find Ruti as the alternative of Paratha.