Features of the festival and culinary culture of Canada

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The colorful culture has contributed to the creation of a Canadian country with a festive and diverse culinary culture. Please join Bestechz to join the “trip” to visit Canada in the following article to discover the features of the festival and culinary culture of Canada!


Special festivals should not be missed when coming to Canada

Celebration of Light

Celebration of Light- Features of the festival and culinary culture of Canada
Celebration of Light- Features of the festival and culinary culture of Canada

Celebration of Light is considered one of Canada’s most impressive and famous festivals, held in Vancouver on July 25 every year. In fact, this is an international fireworks competition held annually in Canada’s most vibrant city – Vancouver. If you have the opportunity to visit Canada in July, do not miss the chance to immerse yourself in the impressive atmosphere of the light festival!

Tulip Festival

The annual Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa and Gatineau, Canada with an attendance of around 500,000 visitors each year is one of the largest flower festivals in the world.

Canada first celebrated the Tulip Festival in 1953 when it received 100,000 tulips donated by the Royal Dutch family in gratitude to Canada for protecting Princess Giulian and her daughter. The people of Ottawa capital as well as tourists participating in the Tulip Festival will enjoy the brilliant beauty of a variety of tulips and participate in rich cultural activities.

Winter Carnival

Winter Carnival- Features of the festival and culinary culture of Canada
Winter Carnival- Features of the festival and culinary culture of Canada

Not only attracting visitors with art museums, beautiful shopping stalls, winter in the Canadian city of Quebec, also famous for its majestic ice and snow festival.

The festival is usually held at the end of January – February every year and lasts for 17 days. During the festival, visitors will see snowmen everywhere with fun activities. Behind the entrance to the festival is a magical snow palace, built entirely of ice and snow and designed by professional carvers. Those who once visited Quebec in winter will never forget the feeling of being immersed in the cold of nature.

Calgary Stampede Festival

The Calgary Stampede Festival is the venue for unique competitions such as riding mad bulls, bulls to tie, horse racing around drums … along with musical performances, unique new exhibitions held in Calgary, Canada. The Calgary Stampede Festival is held in the 2nd and 3rd week of July, lasting for 10 days, attracting the participation of numerous tourists and local people.

You will be extremely impressed with the larger parade than the stadium parades of major sporting events such as the World Cup. Therefore, this festival is also known as the largest outdoor show in the world.

Heritage Festival

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Heritage Festival in Canada is held in August every year with the exchange of more than 80 different cultures around the world. This is a highly international cultural festival in Canada. The impressive thing in the 3 days of the festival is that the delegation of genuine countries have settled in Canada will introduce themselves the origin of some cultural features of their country to visitors through the culinary areas, selling clothes, artworks, typical dances of each country.

Traditional Canadian dishes

Cuisine is one of the factors that contribute to the richness of the culture of Canada.


Poutine is considered one of the most typical and unique traditional dishes of Canada. This dish consists of French fries combined with curd cheese and brown meat sauce. This is also a dish regularly present in dinners of Canadian families. Canadians even organize the annual Poutine festival across the cities to honor this unique traditional dish.


Canadian bacon

Unlike traditional bacon made with pork belly, Canadian bacon made from pork loin is soaked in salt water and rolled over cornstarch. Canadians love this meat and often use it with many of their other dishes.

For a taste of traditional Canadian meat, you can head to the Carousel Bakery in St. Petersburg. Lawrence Market Toronto, a world-famous store with authentic Canadian bacon sandwiches.


Prepared by Calgary restaurant manager Walter Chell in 1969, this cocktail quickly became a popular drink in Canada. The ingredients that make up this drink are clamato water, vodka wine, a little Worchester and a salt coating around the mouth of the glass, giving the enjoyment of an unforgettable ecstatic feeling.

Nanaimo Bars

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This is an oven-free processed dessert and is named after the west coast city of Nanaimo. The delicious-looking cake is made from a mixture of nuggets, frozen butter and melted chocolate. Some stores also create a few other flavors such as mint, peanut butter, coconut, green tea … for this cake.