Explore about the festival features and culinary culture in Australia

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In Australia, distinctive festival features and culinary culture are indispensable in the lives of indigenous people in big cities. Not only that, this is also one of the most popular tourist attractions for foreign visitors when all are mixed in the bustling atmosphere.

As a country full of youth, excitement, enthusiasm and considered an ideal country to settle, study and travel, Australia is also known for its natural beauty, friendly people, and hospitality. many interesting festivals and culinary cultures. Today, let’s explore the cuisine and experience a day in Australia with Bestechz to see if this place is really interesting.

Featured festivals in Australia

Sydney City, New South Wales

Explore about the festival features and culinary culture in Australia- Sydney City, New South Wales
Explore about the festival features and culinary culture in Australia- Sydney City, New South Wales

Taking place in January, visitors can enjoy theater arts, music, dance and visual arts performances in Sydney. The program will last up to 3 weeks with hundreds of events. Starting with the Festival First Night, there is a free jazz orchestra and symphony concert or performances in the Hyde Part Barracks Festival Bar …

Sydney Lighting Festival – Australia’s most dazzling light festival

Explore about the festival features and culinary culture in Australia
Explore about the festival features and culinary culture in Australia

Sydney light festival is a famous festival in Australia held regularly in Vivid Sydney. The festival makes the city center submerged in a pool of colors for 18 days. The buildings will now dye the city’s iconic lights, including the Sydney Opera House, the Harbor Bridge. The festival also includes a number of 3D lighting shows with sound that can be heard at several riverside locations.

City of Melbourne, Vitoria

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Coming to the city of Melbourne, you will be able to enjoy the magical cultural space at the Melbourne International Art Festival during 17 days in October. Here, Australian and international artists will perform the performances. drama, dance, music, opera, multimedia and visual arts. You will be immersed with the city in the culinary joy of Melbourne culinary festival and Melbourne wine festival.

Brisbane City, Queensland
During the opening ceremony of the Brisbane Festival, watching the fireworks soaring from the Strory Bridge, you will be delighted to immerse yourself in this vibrant atmosphere from mid-September to early October. Special press in a program with lots of activities and events held across the city.

Adelaide, South Australia
All of your artistic senses will be awakened at the Adelaide festival in South Australia. Held every two years in March and March, this will definitely be one of the largest art events in the world with bold traditional and modern nuances.

Besides these festivals, Australia also has other interesting festivals such as Polish Fesstival, Dragon boat racing, The Night Noodle Market …

Australian tourism and typical culinary culture

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Have you ever wondered about the typical dishes of Australian cuisine? In fact, there is no such thing as a signature dish of Ustralia’s cuisine. But that is also the reason that Australia is always one of the countries with the most diverse and attractive modern culinary culture in the world, always making all visitors excited when coming here. And of course also because of that, there are no certain dishes or mandatory regulations in cooking in this country.

Indigenous cuisine
In terms of origin, Australian cuisine has been associated with dishes influenced by European colonization since 1788. Indigenous people love pure natural dishes such as fresh fruit, meat dishes such as kangaroo and camel This… You can find specialty dishes in restaurants here.

Modern cuisine
Modern Australians’ eating habits are rooted in traditional British and Irish cuisine and are heavily influenced by immigrants from the Mediterranean, Asia and elsewhere. During their migration to Australia, they bring their traditional dishes to Australia but also gradually discover the culinary cultures of other communities that they have never experienced before.

Due to the warm weather, Australians often enjoy fresh foods. The Australian Government also always encourages their citizens to use these foods to reduce obesity and other health problems.

The tradition of “outdoor dining”
Australians have an outdoor tradition with barbecue dishes from meat such as pork, seafood, sausages, and burgers. A meal “enough” of the day will always include steaks, vegetables, and salads. Therefore, BBQ always becomes the choice of families on cool and beautiful days.

Specialties only in Australia are available

Pavlova first appeared in world culinary history with the creation of Bert Sachse in 1935. The dessert was characterized by a layer of cream and fresh fruit consisting of strawberries or raspberries. Or like Melba and Peach Melba are also indispensable desserts when coming to Australia.

Types of seafood foods
With many beautiful islands and abundant resources, seafood is an indispensable part of the Australian diet. They often process dishes with all kinds of different seafood such as: tuna, shrimp, salmon …

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You will be more surprised to learn that, according to statistics, in Australia there are more than 6,000 types of seafood caught and sold widely to Australian consumers.

Through the interesting information that Bestechz has just sent, hope to partly help you understand more about the country and its people, as well as have a memorable trip in this beautiful country.