Foods to avoid in a weight loss regimen

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Weight loss should not eat? Among the many foods every day, the foods that should be avoided in the weight loss diet are those that contain a lot of fat, bad carbs, alcoholic beverages, … We need to avoid destroying our upcoming plans. me. With the desire to own a slim body, many of you have come to famous ways to lose weight such as Keto, Low-carb or Paleo mode. Lose weight with a scientific regime, do not use weight loss foods to avoid, sooner or later you will have a slim waist shape as your dream.


Red meat

Red meat is loaded with calories and protein. To convert this large amount of protein into nutrients effectively, the body takes a lot of time, but it is also easy to create excess fat in the body.

Red meat- Foods to avoid in a weight loss regimen
Red meat- Foods to avoid in a weight loss regimen

Red meats can be mentioned as beef, pork, lamb, veal, buffalo meat … Limiting the intake of red meat also means reducing calories and limiting excess body fat.


Energy-rich pastries like Donut, cream cake, cupcakes, cookies … contain abundant energy sources, lots of sugar and fat. Because of a slim body, women need to stop eating cakes as soon as possible.

cake- Foods to avoid in a weight loss regimen
cake- Foods to avoid in a weight loss regimen

Carbonated drinks

Soft drinks, although effective in refreshing thirst, can be the culprit to increase the second round by a few centimeters. The reason is that they contain mainly sugar / unhealthy sweeteners.

Types of Frappe

Frappe or also known as ice blended drink is not far from us. In addition to the high sugar content from milk, syrup, frappe also “gives” you a few hundred more calories when using ice cream layer above.

Instead of frappe, you should choose fruit smoothies and sweeten with a little honey.

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Fast food is always the “enemy” of any weight loss diet. Most fast foods are greasy fried foods (fried chicken, french fries, bacon) or have a lot of cheese like pizza.

A serving of fast food can go up to 1,000 kcal and imagine, it takes almost 2 hours of jogging / cycling to burn all this excess energy.


The time between meals often makes your stomach “talk” and you will instinctively find some snacks to satisfy your hunger. Chips, snacks available in cheap and delicious bags are probably always in your sights.

But did you know that these foods are often high in satured fat, which increases the risk of obesity, leading to heart disease, high cholesterol.

Rice, noodles, white bread

White flour – the main ingredient of rice, noodles, and bread is refined flour, which usually does not contain as many nutrients as the original cereal grain. Furthermore, our bodies absorb this ingredient very quickly, making you feel hungry for a short time after eating.

As an alternative to healthier cereals, use brown rice, black bread or whole grains for your body to absorb slowly, creating a feeling of fullness for longer.

Canned fruit

The slices of pre-cut fruit with colorful colors look quite attractive when eaten with cocktails. However, all canned fruits are soaked in sugar chemicals and contain preservatives, so even if you are delicious, you should limit your sugar intake while on a weight loss diet and instead. with fresh fruits such as strawberries, grapefruit, oranges …

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Salad Sauces

Salad is an indispensable dish in the period of women’s weight loss. But do not accidentally add the energy and fat from the ready-made supermarkets dressing to increase the flavor of your greens because that will make your diet plan “bankrupt”. Olive oil, apple cider vinegar or even low-fat yogurt are safe sauces for your weight.


Ice cream dishes are both favorite dishes of children and adults. However, with the main ingredients of fatty cream, milk and sugar, you should rethink if you want a slim and weight 2 round. Usually, ice cream dishes are also served with sauces, cakes, and candy decorations, so it will give you a considerable amount of kcal.

Cream - foods to avoid in weight loss

Whole milk fresh milk

Fresh milk is a familiar drink to everyone to supplement calcium and some essential nutrients for the body. The most important thing in a weight loss diet is to limit the amount of kcal and bad fats in the body so whole milk is not a wise choice for people who want to lose weight. Choose low-fat dairy products or switch to low-fat, low-calorie almond milk.

Refined sugar

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For those who love sweetness, adding sugar to all dishes is a bad habit, causing many negative effects on weight and health. The reason is that in refined sugar (white sugar) with fructose, glucose will enhance the body’s ability to absorb and lead to increased belly fat.

Not only that, the body will need to lose a large amount of vitamins and minerals to convert this sugar. Therefore, according to WHO recommendations, each person should only eat less than 10% of the total amount of sugar needed for the body.