Samsung Galaxy A11 Review – 3 rear cameras with strong battery

Samsung Galaxy A11 2

The low-cost segment is where competition is extremely hot between Android phone brands. Samsung is also not out of that number with its many low-cost phones. Perforated screen, 3 rear cameras, strong battery, fast charging …Let’s review Samsung Galaxy A11 with Bestechz!


Design of Samsung Galaxy A11 

In general, the design style of the Samsung Galaxy A11 is no different from other low-priced mid-range phones from Samsung. It is the same, the flat screen, the plastic case, the rounded plastic frame in the corners. But the A11 still has its own characteristics.

Samsung Galaxy A11 5

The front is a fairly large 6.4-inch perforated screen, comparable to that of rivals. The small hole in the upper left corner houses a selfie camera.
The sides of the screen are also quite thin, and the top edge is the same. But its bottom edge is still quite thick, of course, it is impossible to claim a full-screen display in such a cheap phone. The speaker strip sits between the screen and the chassis at the top, it’s unattractive but is still there and works very well.

Samsung Galaxy A11 Review - 3 rear cameras with strong battery

The back is finished with glossy plastic with many colors to choose from, including: Black, White, Blue, Red. The glossy finish enhances the elegance of the phone but is where fingerprints and dirt are quite a lot.

Prominent on the back is still a set of 3 cameras, they are arranged vertically in the upper left corner like last year’s models. It is not in a rectangular block, but it does not affect the camera at all.

The fingerprint sensor is not integrated in the display because it is not an OLED panel. It’s also not side-mounted like mid-range phones, but it’s in the back. Of course that’s fine and the fingerprint sensor still does its job well. Unlock exactly but not as fast as more high-end phones only.


Samsung Galaxy A11 is a rare product in the price range of 3 million with a hole punch screen design. That allows for larger display space and an enhanced screen experience.

It is a 6.4 inch PLS TFT panel so its viewing angle is not as high as IPS, of course it is not possible to request an OLED panel here. The screen resolution is only HD + (720 x 1560 pixels) with a rather low pixel density – 268ppi. In general, this screen is only for surfing the web, but watching high quality movies is still not enough.

Samsung Galaxy A11 Review - 3 rear cameras with strong battery
Samsung Galaxy A11 Review – 3 rear cameras with strong battery

With TFT technology, you still have a fairly bright screen, which is enough for daytime use but not in direct sunlight. Add to that the color reproduction is not as brilliant as Samsung monitors inherently. All heat it “fading” than IPS and OLED screens quite a lot.


Galaxy A11 runs Android 10 with custom One UI 2.1. This is the latest operating system this year. That means you will experience the same interface and software as Samsung’s flagship phones this year.

Samsung Galaxy A11 Review - 3 rear cameras with strong battery
Samsung Galaxy A11 Review – 3 rear cameras with strong battery

Samsung still makes many copies of Google apps that you cannot delete or completely delete. This means it still takes up an inefficient portion of memory. You also can’t use 3rd party launcher with new gesture navigation. But overall, One UI 2.1 works well and I have no complaints about it.


Samsung Galaxy A11 is equipped with Snapdragon 450 processor with Adreno 506 GPU only. Of course, you can’t ask for a too powerful chipset like the mid-range or high-end phones here. But the Snapdragon 450 is still a bit weak in this cheap range when competitors have Snapdragon 665 range chips.

Battery life

Galaxy A11 is equipped with a Li-Po battery of 4,000 mAh. It is not too large to compare with the 5,000 mAh of other competitors in the same price range. But it is more than enough to provide energy for you to operate every day.
And a low-cost device that offers a USB type C charger is a welcome change from Samsung. Furthermore it offers 15W fast charging, which is a rarity at this price point. Using this fast charger you will fully charge the battery from 0% with just 1 hour 45 minutes, in the first hour you have 70% of the battery.

Compare with competitors

Xiaomi Redmi 9
Xiaomi Redmi 9 is a better option but you will need to spend a few hundred thousand more. First, it has a larger screen, better viewing angles with an IPS panel and a nicer 1080p resolution. The processor is similar, but the rear camera has a more professional macro camera. In particular, it has a 5020 mAh battery and a more powerful 18W fast charger.