The Best Things to Do in Osaka at Night – Amazing Views

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Osaka is the largest city in the Kansai region. You will definitely want to see the wonderful night view of this city with skyscrapers and mountains in the distance. Here are the best places to enjoy the Osaka city night view.


The Best Things to Do in Osaka at Night

Osaka: Soul of Kansai tour with Japanese snacks

things to do at night in osaka | osaka: soul of kansai tour with japanese snacks

Get off the tourist trail and explore the old backstreets and markets of Osaka on this 3.5-hour tour! Discover the New York-inspired neighborhood of Shinsekai, and see what ghosts still linger on the streets. Wander through the flashy, glittering, famed district of Dotonbori and sample famous Osaka treats, such as Kushi-katsu and takoyaki octopus balls. Find out why Osaka is considered the heart and soul of the Kansai region now!

Laugh your face off at a live comedy show


Osaka is famous for its comedy scene, known for slapstick silliness on stage and how locals make conversation. There’s plenty of English comedy in the city as well, like the weekly standup shows at ROR Comedy Club. If enchanted by the whimsical, they have weekly magic shows as well. If you’re in town for one of improv troupe Pirates of the Dotonbori’s monthly bilingual improv shows, make sure to check that out, too.

Sing until you lose your voice…or get kicked out

Karaoke is a staple of Japanese culture – there are few better ways to let off steam or get to know a group of people. As a city that values drunken revelry above most else, Osaka has a wealth of karaoke joints to choose from.

There’s box karaoke, where guests rent a room to enjoy a private singing experience. At shops Jankara or Maneki Neko, guests can reserve a room for a hour at a time or book “free time,” which usually lasts until the sun comes up. Rates are usually fairly cheap, and you can order food and drink to be delivered to your room by touch screen or phone.

Then there’s the karaoke bar, which usually has no cover charge and lets guests sing publicly in front of strangers, a great way to make friends while traveling! Some of the best of these in Osaka are Kama Sutra, Moonshine, and Domus.

Osaka Castle at Night

Osaka Castle is located in the center of the city. The castle is a popular spot to visit during the daytime. However, it is a little know fact that it is also stunning at nighttime.10 Places To Visit in Osaka - Delicious Foods and Amazing Views!

Every night at sunset, Osaka Castle is lit up to shine in the dark like a sapphire. It appears to be a different building entirely compared to the daytime.

You can also still enjoy taking a walk in Osaka Castle Park, which is partially lit up as well. You will find various seasonal plants and other historical buildings there which just appear so much more mysterious at night.

Osaka backstreet night tour 

The perfect fusion combing the famous food scene of Osaka with the local knowledge of some of the most unique drinking establishments in town. Enjoy great local food, delicious drinks and boutique bars on a walking tour through the heart of Namba, Shinsaibashi and Amemura. Sample local favourites including fresh sushi, grilled yakitori and a huge range of drinks possibilities as your English speaking guide expertly navigates through the backstreets!

Abeno Harukas

Abeno Harukas is famous for being the tallest skyscraper in Japan. “Haruka” means “distance” in Japanese and the image is exactly what its name suggests, from the 300m-high observatory on top of the building, you can see the Osaka Plain stretching all the way horizon. The architecture of this observatory is also extremely interesting. The middle hall is designed with open space so visitors can feel the airy atmosphere on the 58th floor.19998746 m Guests can also enjoy the wonderful view while dining at the observatory’s SKYGARDEN restaurant. The restaurant menu includes a variety of delicious dishes including puka dogs (Hawaiian hot dogs), deep fried beef sandwiches, and rainbow fruit sandwiches. The seats with open space make the night view in Osaka here even better. While sightseeing, do not forget to try the unique soft pineapple ice cream here.