Where to Stay in Osaka – The Best Hotel Locations


Osaka is a fantastic place to visit. It is a major commercial center known for its modern architecture and its nightlife. Here visitors will find delicious street food, historical castles and shrines, and beautiful cherry blossom trees in the spring. Knowing where to stay is always a challenge in such a large city, though. So if you are looking for more info about the areas of Osaka, take a look at this article to see see the best places where to stay in Osaka.


Imperial Hotel Osaka

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Imperial Hotel Osaka is a luxury hotel in central Osaka with elegant guest rooms, courteous service, and outstanding dining facilities. Complimentary shuttle bus access to JR Osaka Station make this hotel very convenient for Osaka’s main tourist locations. The hotel is also very conveniently placed for the spring cherry blossoms at Kema Sakuranomiya Park and for the Japan Mint Museum.


Osaka Umeda Sky Building 8

Kita tops the list as the best place to stay in Osaka. It ticks all the boxes. Kita is Osaka’s most important transport hub and four train lines converge here (the JR Line and three private lines: Hankyu, Keihan and Hanshin). These offer quick access to other parts of Osaka, as well as Kyoto, Nara, Kobe and further afield. The Midosuji subway line also stops right in the middle of Kita.

Kita is also a huge shopping, dining and entertainment district and you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to restaurants. There are also several sights to see in Kita, including the museums of Nakanoshima, the Umeda Sky Building, and Kids Plaza Osaka. Finally, Kita has plenty of wide, clean and safe sidewalks, that make is a pleasant place to stroll around. If you can find a good hotel deal here, you’ll be happy with your choice.

Shin-Osaka Area

If you want easy access to the shinkansen (bullet train) line and you still want to be within easy striking distance of downtown Osaka (via the Midosuji subway line), then the Shin-Osaka Area is a good choice. If you have business that will take you all over Japan, or you have a Japan Rail Pass and want to use the shinkansen to really explore Japan (including places like Hiroshima, Kyoto, Himeji and Tokyo), then staying in Shin-Osaka can save you a lot of time and energy.

And, despite being at the north end of the city, you’d only be 5 or 10 minutes’ subway ride away from the major urban hubs of Osaka. And, there are plenty of places to eat and shop in and around Shin-Osaka Station. Needless to say, because it’s such in important transport hub, this area is filled with reasonable hotels.

Umeda Area

The Umeda district has a great mix of accommodation types, with a large number of big name luxury hotels, but also plenty of affordable mid-range hotels, as well as some budget hostels and guest houses for backpackers. The top tourist attractions in this area are Umeda Sky Building the Hep Five building’s Ferris wheel, and Tsuyu-no-Tenjinja Shrine. Other areas in the Kita district within walking distance of Umeda include Nakazakicho: an old-fashioned area of tiny alleyways filled with independent shops, cafes, bars, and event spaces; and Kitashinchi: a high-end entertainment area just south of Umeda.

Umeda area in Osaka

Umeda area in Osaka

Umeda itself, is a busy, modern, commercial district, packed with dramatic high-rise buildings and an incredible range of shopping and dining facilities. Among these, the Daimaru, Hanshin and Hankyu department stores are the most famous shopping centers, Yodobashi Camera does a great trade in cheap electronics, and the massive Grand Front Osaka complex combines shops and restaurants with high rise gardens and “infotainment” facilities. Every kind of food can be found Umeda, from cheap local specialties to fine gourmet cuisine. Visitors can explore the restaurants and bars in local shopping arcades, try our top ten recommended restaurants, or wander a little further south to explore the restaurants, bars and clubs of the Kitashinchi district.

Osaka Castle area

Osaka Castle Keep Tower in 201504 013

One of the best neighborhoods to live in Osaka is the area surrounding Osaka Castle. It is among the, and is truly a beautiful spot to stay in as it is less crowded and absolutely beautiful during the cherry blossom season (in the spring). The surrounding waterways (which used to be moats around the castle) are lovely, adding an air of going back a few centuries in history. Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a well-known warlord, brought the city under his control in the 16th century and built Osaka Castle. It has since been burned down and reconstructed in the 17th century and again in the 20th century. Inside the castle, there are displays of weapons, armors, and folklife. The 8th floor has a viewing area for visitors. The area itself is rich with interesting history. There is even a water bus service originating in this Osaka Castle area, that can take people for a cruise down the river.