Top 6 best smartphone microphone that you should buy

Top 6 best smartphone microphone that you should buy

With the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or Google Pixel, you can snap some very great photographs, but depending on the default smartphone microphone is a different story. Smartphone audio is often of poor quality, and built-in microphones struggle to grab sound outdoors or from a distance. If you want professional-sounding audio, you’ll need to invest in a specialized best smartphone microphone.

Of course, there are several types of microphones for cellphone video recording. Depending on the type of video you’re producing, you could want a low-profile lav microphone, a high-powered shotgun mic, or anything in between. Take a look at our selection of the best smartphone microphones to help you make that decision.


1. Samson Go Mic: best smartphone microphone

If you’d like to record interviews, increase your presence on teleconferences, or produce simple music demos, this best smartphone microphone is a terrific all-around alternative. I’ve used it in place of a condenser mic microphone when filming films, and the records are all quite clear.

The distinctive design of this microphone is its distinguishing characteristic. The three-inch microphone is hooked to a clip and may be mounted to the top, bottom, or sides of your phone. The clip also features a hole for screwing it into a microphone stand using a 3/8 inch adaptor.

My favorite feature of this microphone is the headphone port, which allows you to hear yourself while recording. This saves you the inconvenience of coming to the conclusion of a long recording only to discover that the mic caught up with background noise. It may be utilized for both broadcasting and music voice recordings because it is a condenser microphone. It will definitely stand out on video, thus it might not be the ideal choice for vloggers.

Samson Go Mic
Samson Go Mic

This microphone fits back into the clip when not in use, making it easy to store – a tough carrying case is supplied to protect from damage in transportation. Unfortunately, it must always be linked to the clip; It cannot be used as a stand-alone microphone.

Connecting this microphone to your smartphone is simple: simply insert the included Mini-USB cable into Apple’s Camera Connectivity Kit (for iPhones) or use a Mini USB to USB-C cable (for Android). When you put it into your phone, a little light will illuminate to indicate that it is powered. Once linked to your smartphone, there aren’t any drivers or additional software required to utilize the microphone. Open a sound recording app, press record, and you’re done.

2. WMX-1

The WMX-1 Wireless Smaller circles Microphone System features a low-profile lapel mic that may be worn by a speaker without obstructing camera visibility. The WMX-1’s wireless receiver can take up signals from up to 200 feet away, it offers headphone play monitoring, and it can be attached to a variety of setups and cameras via its cold shoe connection.

While the WMX-1 is suitable with classic DSLR cameras & recorders, it’s also an excellent wireless microphone for smartphone movies thanks to the accompanying 3.5mm TRRS audio adapter. The WMX-1’s flexibility makes it an excellent choice for content creators who love shooting with numerous recording devices.

3. Rode SmartLav+ Omnidirectional

Rode SmartLav+ Omnidirectional
Rode SmartLav+ Omnidirectional: best smartphone microphone

Do you use cell phones, tablets, or cameras to film your videos? Then the Rode SmartLav Plus is the microphone for you. The microphone is known for producing high-quality sound and is suitable for online meetings, broadcasts, interviews, or even recording voice demos or daily webcasts outside.

The finest thing is that the condenser capsules allow you to record quality sound in any situation, including a windy or loud setting. Furthermore, this microphone has the same sound quality as a USB microphone, which means it can capture audio sound from all directions. Rode SmartLav+ boasts a small and durable construction made of superior plastic and metal combination. It features a black cable featuring two jacks and comes with a travel case, clip, and foam cover.

4. Rode SmartLav+

Vloggers and youtube clip journalists require the best smartphone microphone that can be heard rather than seen. If that describes you, this lavalier mic is an excellent pick. The tiny microphone is connected to a 3.5mm audio wire, which terminates in a connection designed to fit into the headphone socket. Because most smartphones no longer have a headphone jack, you’ll need an adaptor to connect to this microphone.

Once attached, you may slither the mic under your shirt and clip it to your shirt so that it faces your mouth. The wire will be invisible to your audience, and the microphone will be easy to conceal if you wear darker clothing. This smartphone microphone has a little windscreen to avoid wind from messing with your recording and to decrease some sibilance (an irritating sound created when you utter syllables beginning with the letter “S”).

Lavalier mics are excellent for on-camera audio recording, but they are not well adapted for anything else. This isn’t the smartphone microphone you’d use to record in-person interviews with bands or journalists.

5. PowerDeWise Professional

Have you been looking for a reliable low-cost lavalier microphone to use for a YouTube chat, video conference, or playlist? The PowerDeWise Pro Grand Lavalier Microphone is the answer. The microphone, which is ideal for home, business, or outdoor activities, records clear and crisp sound due to noise reduction, allowing you to achieve perfect outcomes.

With no batteries or drivers necessary to interact with your cellphone, all you have to do is plug in the jack, start recording, and unplug to listen. This black microphone is tiny, which means it can easily fit in your pocket or be stored in a storage box.

The microphone is really well made and solid, with an extra robust wind muff and steel clips. The 3.5mm connector is designed to operate with Android and Apple devices, but it may also be used with laptops and Microsoft PCs when an adapter is supplied.



Consider the EDGE series if you want a lav mic designed exclusively for your smartphone. The EDGE-UC Wireless Smaller circles Microphone System works with Android tablets and phones, as well as iOS devices that use USB-C connectors, such as the iPad Pro. The little wireless receiver connects straight to your device, making your setup neat and tidy.

The EDGE-DI works in the same way as the EDGE-UC, but it is also compatible with iPhones and iPads owing to its built-in Lightning output. Both versions allow real-time headphone monitoring and have an intangible assets range of up to 200 feet. You can’t go wrong with any EDGE system if you need a specialized Bluetooth bets smartphone microphone videos.

There is a mic for every circumstance, and having one that is compatible with your phone means you can capture perfectly clear audio everywhere you go. The best smartphone microphone is the one that best meets your needs, so check out our webshop for all of our amazing mobile recording equipment for even more alternatives!


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