Discover top 8 best rugged smartphone verizon

Top 8 best rugged smartphone verizon

Over the past few years, the design of rugged smartphones has undergone significant development. There are now highly stylish phones throughout the price range with all-glass constructions and huge screens with thin bezels. We will highlight the best rugged smartphone verizon in this post. The majority of recently manufactured phones aren’t appropriate for people who operate in harsher situations, such as construction sites. And that’s where a top-notch tough smartphone can really shine. We’ll be presenting the top tough smartphones in this post.


1. Kyocera DuraSport 5G UW

With the new Kyocera DuraSport 5G UW, we receive the added Verizon 5G network capability for our rugged phone, which is designed to resist the extremes of field operations. We recently received this phone, and we are in the process of writing a thorough evaluation. Compared to the DuraForce Ultra that Kyocera previously sold to Verizon users, it is substantially more streamlined.

A Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 CPU, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of onboard memory, two back cameras, a 6.1-inch IPS LCD Corning Gorilla 6 display, and a sizable 4,500 mAh battery power the Kyocera DuraSport 5G UW, which costs $579.99. You can top it off without removing the bottom USB-C port connector because it enables wireless charging.

Kyocera DuraSport 5G UW
Kyocera DuraSport 5G UW: best rugged smartphone verizon

With IP68 dust/water protection, MIL-STD 810H shock testing certification, and action overlays data designed to improve your outdoor activities, the phone is built to handle the weather and rigorous handling.

2. Blackview BV9800 Pro

Thanks to the Blackview 9800 Pro’s outstanding features list, Blackview is taking the top place on our list of tough smartphones for the first time. Since the CAT S61, this is the first smartphone to include a FLIR camera that enables thermal imaging. Unlike the CAT S61, it also has a reliable 48MP Sony main lens. In this category, the 6.3-inch FHD+ screen, 6GB of onboard RAM, and 128GB of storage are all noteworthy features. Although the device’s rubberized casing isn’t precisely small, it’s a long cry from the big, unwieldy tough electronics of the past and fits neatly in most pockets.

In addition, the Blackview BV9800 Pro has a headphone connector and an IR sensor. The large 6,580 mAh battery is charged through USB-C or Qi wireless charging. The BV9800 Pro’s two main drawbacks are the Helio P70 chipset and the fact that it was released with Android 9.0 in late 2019. The device’s affordability is another plus since it costs just under $550, which really is hundreds cheaper than the last FLIR camera champion, the CAT S61.

3. Ulefone Armor 11 5G

The MediaTek Dimensity 800 5G chipset is what makes the Ulefone Armor 11 5G the second phone in a long series of tough Ulefone phones to support 5G networks. For water and dust protection, it offers IP68 and IP69K classifications. A MIL-STD 810G certification is also given.

It has a large 5,200mAh battery, a 6.1-inch display, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of inbuilt storage. It also enables 10W wireless charging. With this phone, you get five back sensors. A 48MP primary lens, a 13MP ultrawide camera, a 2MP span multiple, and a 2MP sub-camera are the first four cameras on the device. Particularly designed for low light photography is a 20MP sensor. You may capture images in total darkness thanks to the two IRLED lights that are used. A 16MP facing camera is also included.

4. Doogee S96 Pro: best rugged smartphone verizon

Doogee S96 Pro
Doogee S96 Pro: best rugged smartphone verizon

This phone has IP68 and IP69K dust and waterproofing ratings, as well as MIL-STD 810G impact protection certification. It has strong mid-range features, including as 8 GB of RAM, 128GB of expandable memory, and a 6,350mAh battery with 10W wireless charging capability.

In its phone camera, you get a 16MP front sensor and a quad back camera arrangement. A 48MP main sensor, an 8MP broad camera, and a 2MP macro camera are included. Night vision camera with a 20MP sensor on the back. It enables you to capture high-quality black-and-white photographs at night.

5. Unihertz Atom XL

The Unihertz Atom XL is a cheap, competent rugged phone with a unique feature in that it is small enough to put in a pocket when out in the field. This phone has a 4-inch display, Android 10 operating system, 6GB of RAM, and 128GB of internal storage.

It is IP68 rated as well as MIL-STD 810G certified. A 4,300mAh battery keeps the phone running all day. The Unihertz Atom XL also features Digital Mobile Radio (DMR), allowing you to use the phone as a walkie-talkie when no cellular service is available. This is a fantastic feature for individuals who work or play outside.

6. Titan Pocket by Unihertz

The Unihertz Titan was a big rugged telephone with a QWERTY keypad that was just too large for daily use. Unihertz has released a compact variant called the Unihertz Titan Pocket, which resembles a robust BlackBerry Bold. Some professionals like to type text on their phones using a real keyboard, and the Unihertz Titan Pocket comes with a QWERTY keyboard for a very affordable $299.99.

There is a 4.5-inch display, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of onboard memory, and a 16MP back camera. At 303g, it’s a heavy phone, but if you really want a BlackBerry-style keyboard, this is the phone for you.

7. Blackview BV5900

The Blackview BV5900 may not have the genuinely distinctive additions of the company’s other products on our list, but it is just as tough and only costs $170. In addition, it has a 5,580 mAh battery, two back cameras, a fingerprint reader, and face recognition technology. With a Mediatek 6761 CPU and 3GB of RAM, the internals are a step-down, but given the price and endurance of the device, that is to be anticipated. The majority of people definitely wouldn’t want to use this as their daily car, but for a professional tool that only needs to handle the essentials, it will be more than powerful and durable.

8. Kyocera DuraForce Ultra 5G UW

Kyocera DuraForce Ultra 5G UW
Kyocera DuraForce Ultra 5G UW: best rugged smartphone verizon

Only rugged phone capable of connecting to Verizon’s rapid UW 5G speeds. It boasts a 5.45-inch display that is shielded by Sapphire Glass. Its aim is to keep the screen from dropping into a gravel driveway or getting scratched by a key. You may, however, operate the screen while wearing rubber gloves or in the rain. It features a dust resistance rating of IP6X and a water resistance rating of IPX5/IPX8. It has a 765 Snapdragon 5G CPU, 6GB of RAM, and 128GB of internal storage. There is a microSD card slot for up to 1TB of extra storage.

It sports a 16MP ultrawide rear camera, a 24MP rear camera with Super Night Vision for better nighttime images and movies, and a Time of Flight sensor for quicker autofocus. There is a front-facing 8MP camera as well. It may add information to a picture or a video indicating things like speed, passing time, distance traveled, etc. The phone supports wireless charging and has a 4,500mAh battery. Without a contract, it costs $899.99, or $37.49 per month for 2 years. This list of a few of the most robust phones that can remain secure in any situation is now complete.

Because all of the best rugged smartphone verizon run Android, there is no choice in terms of the operating system. If you’re reading this, we’re assuming you’re looking for tough phones that can withstand drops, and dunks in water, and are designed to get work done outside of the office.


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