Foreo face washers – Which kind of Foreo cleanser should you buy?

Foreo face washers are always the beauty products of any woman, these devices will help unclog clogged pores, remove dirt and make-up, in addition to Some Foreo face washers also help limit the aging process. Foreo is a worldwide famous brand specializing in the manufacture of high quality beauty devices as well as machine brushes made from silicone.

You can find the Foreo face washers on the Lagihitech website, and they come in different types and sizes according to your needs. Besides, Foreo also produces face washers for specific skin types including oily skin, normal skin, dry skin, combination skin.

To help you find a new facial cleansing device, let Bestechz learn more deeply about some of the typical product lines of the Foreo brand.


Should You buy a Foreo cleanser?

There is a fierce competition on the private market for high-tech beauty products, and the Foreo washer is one of the most talked about products.

Among the washing machine products on the market, Foreo was always a product that people think of first. Simply because the product’s quality and its proven uses are rated as useful to users.

Uses and advantages of Foreo face washers:

Basically, the Foreo is considered a breakthrough in beauty technology because it is capable of deep cleaning by pulse frequency with the exclusive T-Sonic wave technology. When operating the Foreo machine will help massage the areas where wrinkles often appear.

At the same time, it helps blood circulation to bring a rosy, healthy skin and clearly repel signs of aging on the face.

Other advantages:

Extremely beautiful, modern design with many colors for you to freely choose
Super absorbent technology so you can rest assured
High quality silicone material, antibacterial, safe for skin
Using exclusive T-Sonic sonic technology, removes harmful dirt that remains under the epidermis.
The battery lasts a long time after each full charge (300 times)
1-for-2-year 1-for-1 warranty with global customer support
Committed to quality for 10 years
Convenient to bring when going to work or traveling

The best and most suitable Foreo cleanser.

Foreo Luna

may rua mat foreo luna 2 600x600 1
Luna is the Foreo brand’s leading cleanser and skin care product. Using Foreo’s exclusive T-Sonic technology, vibrates 8000 times per application, peels dead skin and removes up to 99% of makeup. Foreo Luna also equips with round tip silicone to improve skin exfoliation and acts as an anti-aging facial massage machine. Simply apply cleanser, wet the device and move it on your face in a circular trajectory for 60 seconds. To be able to use the anti-aging feature, you need to turn the other side of the device over and massage for another minute. Foreo Luna has three main colors: Pink for normal skin, Blue for combination skin, and White for super sensitive skin.

Foreo Luna 2

foreo luna2 1 copy
Foreo Luna 2 is introduced to have a 50% larger brush tip and longer silicone bristles for better skin massage and cleansing. Luna 2 still uses T-Sonic (Clock-time 8000 / min) technology but now offers twice as powerful performance. You can use Foreo Luna 2 within two minutes to cleanse your face, while Foreo Luna can only use within 60 seconds. Thanks to its longer usage time, Foreo Luna 2 cleans more deeply, and massages the face better, helping to improve the appearance of the skin.

Foreo Luna 2 For Men

Luna 2 men 4
The only difference between Luna 2 and Luna 2 For Men is the color – when for men it’s only Black and this men’s version can also help with shaving. Foreo said that using Luna 2 For Men will reduce razor burns or irritation in other shaving objects, and help make the razor’s life longer.

Foreo Luna 3

Foreo Luna 3
The latest front washing machine from the Foreo brand today is this Foreo Luna 3. Designed to work within a minute to deep clean all facial dirt, while also helping to remove sweat, oil and prevent future breakouts. Luna 3 is considered to have a softer and deeper contact surface than Luna 2. If you want to energize your facial skin every time you wake up, then you will definitely love the 16 intensity vibrations. that the Foreo Luna 3 cleanser offers. Luna 3 has three main colors that are suitable for normal skin, combination skin, and sensitive skin. Especially with just one full charge you can use the next 650 times.

Foreo Luna Mini 3

Foreo Luna Mini 3
What is the difference between Foreo Luna 3 and Foreo Luna Mini 3? Luna Mini is a device designed to be used on many major skin types such as: Normal skin, dry skin, combination skin, oily skin, while Foreo Luna has a color specific to each skin type. In addition, the price of the Foreo Luna is more expensive than the Mini. As its name implies, the Foreo Luna Mini is a more compact version of the cleanser that uses delicate round silicone bristles, preventing it from being worn out by those with dry, sensitive skin.