Top 5 teas that both nourish internal organs, prevent cancer

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Tea has always been one of the most popular beverages worldwide. Not only delicious, but teas also brings many health benefits such as protecting red blood cells, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, or nourish internal organs, prevent cancer … Especially on Tet, but the demand for tea is also increasing. Because every house has a teapot ready to treat guests to visit.

Besides, tea also has a significant effect in the consumption of excess fat “residue”. If you know how to combine tea with food, exercise, weight loss will become much simpler. Here are 5 teas to support the diet that women should try, having a drink in the new year and possessing a slim and fast body. Following Bestechz to find out right now!


1. Green tea

Of course, in the first place, you must mention green tea – one of the top health-promoting foods. In a 2008 study showed that the group of people who regularly drink green tea lost 3.3 kg compared to those who did not.

Green Tea- teas that both nourish internal organs, prevent cancer
Green Tea- teas that both nourish internal organs, prevent cancer

The weight loss effect of green tea comes from catechins, an antioxidant that promotes metabolism and fat breakdown, especially in the abdomen. In addition, the active ingredient flanovoid in tea also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Although it is good, but if abused, green tea will become “a double-edged sword” that harms the body. Absolutely do not drink too much, every day should only use less than 200ml. Do not make green tea too thick, limit drinking when you are hungry because it can cause a feeling of scratching, irritate the intestines and damage the stomach. 30 minutes – 1 hour after eating is the best time to drink.

2. Black tea

Having the same effect as green tea, black tea is very nutritious and helps in effective weight loss. The pholyphenols in this tea promote the production of short-chain fatty acids, thereby boosting your metabolism. A 2014 study demonstrated that drinking three cups of black tea regularly also supports effective reduction of fat in the waistline.

Black tea also acts like an antidote to the body, helping to keep the internal organs and skin healthy. Drinking black tea regularly will also reduce your cravings and prevent you from overeating. Women should drink 1 cup of black tea in the morning or afternoon, use it hot and limit adding sugar to avoid the effect.

3. Mint tea

Mint leaves are one of the widely used aromatic plants. It is used not only in cuisine but also for medicinal purposes, as mint has medicinal properties. With mint tea in particular, it will help stimulate digestive enzymes and convert fats into needed daily energy. Thanks to that, excess fat no longer has a chance to accumulate.

Mint Tea- teas that both nourish internal organs, prevent cancer
Mint Tea- teas that both nourish internal organs, prevent cancer

A cup of hot mint tea is low in calories and rich in fiber, perfect for dieters. If the Tet holiday is full of stomach, it is better to drink more because peppermint helps to strengthen the digestive system. We can use fresh or dried mint leaves to make tea, but remember to filter the leaves first and take only the water to drink.

4. Oolong Tea

This is a traditional Chinese tea, has a fragrant fruity scent and a unique flavor. Oolong tea is rich in catechins and caffeine – two compounds that boost metabolism and burn fat quickly. A 2009 study on Chinese women found that those who drank two cups of oolong tea per day lost an additional 2.2 kg over six weeks.

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Every day you should drink 2 glasses of oolong tea in the morning or noon, about 30 minutes after meals. Add a few slices of lemon juice to the tea to help the body purify and cool down more effectively. Absolutely do not drink this tea when it is left outside for too long, while losing its substance and being infected, it is easy to cause disease.

5. White Tea

Considered as one of the teas with a characteristic flavor, white tea can improve health, physique to kill cancer cells. It helps the body break down fats and prevents the formation of new fat layers. According to statistics, white tea will increase your metabolism by 4-5%, equivalent to reducing 70-100 calories / day.

White tea is also anti-aging, reduces the risk of heart disease and stimulates rapid hair growth. You should make white tea at a temperature of 75 – 85 degrees C, do not use 100 degrees of boiling water because it will lose the flavor and nutrients, then soak for 5-8 minutes is just delicious. If you like, you can add more tea leaves for more flavor.