Kidney foods that you need to know

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Good sources of foods for the weak kidney will play a quite important role in the healing process. They can help the infected person significantly reduce the unpleasant symptoms or prevent the illness from worsening. Therefore, following this article can help patients establish a reasonable diet to better protect their health.


Foods that are good for weak kidneys

Foods rich in omega 3

If asked what is good for the weak kidneys, the best answer is Omega 3 supplements, which have been shown to help with pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects.

Kidney foods- Foods rich in omega 3
Kidney foods- Foods rich in omega 3

Patients can supplement omega through natural foods such as walnuts, chia seeds, sea fish, soybeans and soy products, …

Red bell peppers

In this fruit contains many vitamins A, C, B6, fiber, … and especially they are very beneficial for the physiological health of men. In addition, the Lycopene compound present in red bell peppers also provides a great antioxidant effect, helping to quickly heal damaged kidney cells.

Kidney foods- Red bell peppers
Kidney foods- Red bell peppers


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Did you know that egg whites contain good protein and low phosphorus, which are used to help prevent inflammation of kidney cells. Patients should add up to 3 eggs per week to see the effects it brings, but should not eat more than 3!

Dark green vegetables

Kidney foods- Dark green vegetables
Kidney foods- Dark green vegetables

There are many Thiocyanates, Phytochemicals, Indoles, Glucosinolate, Omega 3, … present in dark leafy vegetables, they help to speed up the process of filtering water and blood in the kidneys. People with this disease can choose to eat vegetables such as kale, broccoli, spinach, …


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According to scientific studies, on average, 1 bulb of garlic contains 1mg sodium, 4mg phosphorus, 12mg potassium. Not only helps to strengthen the resistance, but also helps to lower cholesterol in the body to prevent inflammation in the kidneys.

The fruits are good for weak kidneys

Also known as a pineapple, this is a cooling fruit that is loved by many people. Pineapple contains many antioxidants and trace element minerals.

These are compounds that help clean the kidneys, filter out waste products. Besides eating pineapples directly, sick people can use them to prepare dishes or make juices.

In strawberries contain many vitamins C, Ellagitannin, Anthocyanins, … have the effect of supporting the prevention of free radicals, protecting and enhancing kidney function. You can add strawberries in many ways such as direct food, strawberry smoothie, strawberry iced, …

Pears contain a lot of water, fiber and vitamins to help provide many nutrients that are beneficial to human health. In particular, pears are low in sodium and potassium, reducing the pressure on the kidneys, thereby contributing to the health of the weak kidneys.

The food you can add to your favorite menu is pear juice, steamed pear with alum sugar, which is both cool and nutritious.

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This fruit not only helps to cool down quickly, reduces constipation but is also used as a remedy to help support the treatment of kidney diseases effectively. Patients can eat ripe papaya directly, make a papaya smoothie or mix raw papaya salad, …

Watermelon is a fruit that the kidneys are weak should add regularly to provide water for the body, they help support the dialysis process as well as detoxification of the kidneys. However, patients should note that they should not eat too much watermelon at a time, leading to the risk of cardiovascular disease.

People with weak kidneys should supplement cranberries in the treatment of the disease. Because this is a fruit containing many beneficial compounds for the kidneys such as Vitamins A, E, fiber, carbohydrates, flavonoids, anthocyanins, …

Also known as cherries, Cherry has effective antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Patients with weak kidneys should eat cherries regularly, which will help with antioxidants, supporting the dialysis process more smoothly.

Kidney failure should not eat

This is the number one enemy for anyone with kidney problems. This spice will make people with weak kidneys at risk of stones, impaired kidney function. Therefore, it is best to prepare bland, low-salt or unsalted foods for daily use.

Meat from poultry
In fact, not many people know that poultry meat is not very good for those who are being treated for kidney failure. The reason for this is that the protein content of poultry is quite high. The kidneys will have to force themselves to function but are still at risk of being overloaded, unable to completely metabolize the protein intake. The poultry meats you need to abstain from are chicken, duck, goose, …

nhung loai thuc pham tot cho than yeu nhat ban nen biet4333451

Food is seasoned with many spices
Cooking with too much seasoning can harm the kidneys. In it, some spices contain chemicals that cause indigestion, making it impossible for the kidneys to filter out all. Therefore, the patient will pass live stools, constipation or diarrhea. Types of processing such as salty storage, hot pot, … which are not suitable for people with weak kidneys.

Potassium, Phosphate
These minerals are very taboo for people with kidney failure. They can cause dysfunction, worsen the condition. These are substances that can be present in fruits, red meat, … So it’s best to learn and consult your doctor before choosing foods for people with weak kidneys.

Food contains a lot of sugar

Sugar is also not good for people with kidney failure. Despite being an essential spice, sugar will make it harder for the kidneys to metabolize nutrients and increase pressure. From there, the kidney’s cells will be destroyed quickly, weakening the ability to regenerate. Cakes, ice cream, soft drinks, … are the things you should stay away from.

Seafood, red meat
Like poultry, red meat or seafood all contain very high levels of protein, which will harm the functioning of the kidneys because they are not converted into simple substances for the body to absorb. In addition, an excess of protein content in the body can cause cells to age rapidly as well as to be completely degraded. So staying away from these foods is the best way to help get sick quickly.

Animal organs
In animal organs high in harmful cholesterol, saturated fat, making the kidneys have to work too hard to filter the blood. One more thing is that these compounds will also negatively impact the heart. Weak kidneys should not overdo this food group, only eat about 1-2 times a week or not eat as much as possible.