Top 10 non Chinese smartphone brands in India that you should consider

Top 10 non Chinese smartphone brands in India that you should consider

With its economic clout, China has rapidly increased its manufacturing capacity and is now able to create gadgets that are far less expensive than those made in other nations. But does that imply there aren’t any cellphones comparable to these Chinese models? It seems there is. There are a few brands from Korea, Europe, Taiwan, and the United States that can compete with the domestic Indian names, even if they may not yet be on par. This article provides a list of the top non Chinese smartphone brands for you to consider.



Samsung non Chinese smartphone brands

Samsung is a South Korean technology behemoth with a vast portfolio in addition to producing smartphones. The firm offers a wide variety of products, including air conditioners, TVs, and washing machines. Samsung offers a wide range of smartphones, starting at just Rs. 2,000 and going all the way up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs. For practically all customers, the firm has a phone. If you need an Android smartphone but are on a limited budget, you may choose from Samsung’s reasonably priced yet fashionable Galaxy M-series.

You may get a smartphone from the Galaxy A series if you have a little extra money to invest and require stronger cameras. Even a line of flagship smartphones from the Galaxy S and Samsung’s Galaxy series are available from the business. You may stand out from the crowd by using the Foldable Phone or Galaxy Flip.

The business also offers the Samsung S10 Lite and Samsung Note 10 Lite to pick from in order to compete with the OnePlus. Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite’s price was recently reduced, and at Rs. 32,999, it now is much more affordable given that it offers a wealth of productivity features.

Informatix Micromax

The largest mobile phone manufacturing business in India is Micromax Informatics. It manufactures inexpensive and accessible phones in addition to LED screens and tablets. The company’s main office is located in Gurugram, Haryana. In 2008, they began selling cell phones. The firm was founded by Mohit Sharma, Dewas, and Rohit Patel. Micromax’s Canvas Infinity and Infinity N11 are two well-known models. This is non Chinese smartphone brands that you should consider.



One of the more expensive brands offered in India is Apple. The business doesn’t sell cellphones for less than Rs. 30,000. One must settle for an older iPhone, such as the iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s, in order to purchase the cheapest Apple iPhone in India. However, you would have to fork over more than Rs. 40,000 if you want something brand-new.

The smartphone was just released by Apple in India at the price of Rs. 42,500. The smartphone incorporates internals from the iPhone 11 into an iPhone 8 chassis. Another option is to buy an iPhone XR, which typically costs about Rs. 55,000 in India.

Asus: non Chinese smartphone brands

The electronics behemoth Asus, with headquarters in Taiwan, is well-known for its extensive selection of computers. The business manufactures anything from lightweight laptops to gaming laptops. Additionally, the corporation offers a few cellphones for sale in India that are genuinely very impressive. The ROG Phone 2 is targeted toward users seeking a genuine flagship experience.

There are also the Asus 6Z and 5Z, which provide premium internals at a somewhat reasonable price. The Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2 is one of the low-cost smartphones offered by Asus.


Lava, with its corporate office in Noida, is one of the few businesses having total control over design and production within India. With a monthly production capacity of up to 3 million units, the Noida manufacturing facility ranks as the fifth-largest phone manufacturer worldwide. Lava is now concentrating more on mobile telephones than smartphones developed in India.

Additionally, citing the government’s incentive program, the corporation plans to move its entire industrial capacity from China to India this year. Every phone offered in India, including the Lava Z-series and A-series, is produced there. Additionally, the whole feature phone line is produced in India. To improve competition in the market, the business may soon introduce two new phones, including the Lava Z66.


Micromax: non Chinese smartphone brands

Micromax originally began by rebranding Chinese cell phones but has already advanced to assembling and producing whole devices. The firm has three plants, one each in Telangana, Rudrapur, Uttarakhand, and Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. Since more than a year ago, Micromax has been off the market. They do have plans to return, though, with new cellphones made in India.

Google Pixel

As far as technology companies go, Google is a global leader. Additionally, they offer a premium Smartphone brand called Pixel. The greatest alternative to OnePlus phones is a Pixel phone. Currently, OnePlus is the market leader in the luxury smartphone market. The award-winning Google Pixel camera is capable of shooting stunning photos in low light.


Nokia is a corporation with headquarters in Finland that HMD Global just acquired. Recently, the business has released several Android devices. In addition, the Finnish company has introduced a few Smart TVs and several quaint feature phones in the nation. If you’re searching for a new smartphone, consider the Nokia 2.3, Nokia 7.2, Nokia 9 PureView, and other options.


Like Samsung, LG is a South Korean behemoth that deals with more than simply smartphones. It offers a wide variety of items, including refrigerators, monitors, televisions, and more. On the phone front, the corporation offers both high-end models and entry-level ones. The LG V40+ ThinkQ, LG Q6+, and other well-known LG smartphones are just a few examples.



Xolo Smartphones are next on the list of Indian mobile phones. A division of Lava International is XOLO. Its corporate headquarters are in Noida. The XOLO X900 was the first phone with an Intel CPU to be released by a manufacturer. Additionally well-known are it’s XOLO Black and XOLO Q series.


Well, we’ve done all in our power to provide you with the top non Chinese smartphone brands in India. You now have a responsibility to share, raise awareness among others, and support the boycott of Chinese goods as vigorously as you can. New phones from the aforementioned manufacturers will be added to this article throughout time. Therefore, feel free to bookmark this website.


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