How to fax from iPhone: Discover 3 Best Apps

How to fax from iPhone: Discover 3 Best Apps

You might want to learn how to fax from iPhone if you need to send a file via fax. Some people still prefer sending documents this way over email, which has been around for decades. Many online fax service providers let users receive and send faxes without a fax machine nearby. Let’s follow us to find out how to fax from iPhone right now!


How to fax from iPhone?

How to fax from iPhone with the Fax app

Transmission of personal and professional fax documents to a dedicated fax line through fax is a common practice. Despite the fact that everything is now digital, people from all walks of life continue to utilize it. Faxing is the process of delivering printed documents to a predetermined fax number.

With eFax, sending and receiving faxes no longer require a fax machine and can be done in as little as 3 easy steps.

Step 1:

To get going, download and install eFax for free from the App Store on your iPhone. When you first launch the program, you’ll see a simple user interface (UI) with helpful capabilities implemented correctly.

Step 2:

You may add a cover sheet with crucial details such as your name, mobile number, fax subject, and particular messages if necessary by selecting “Add Document” You can attach the exact document you intend to fax and add a receiver number of choice at the top by tapping “Add Document”. By doing this, the sender’s message is clearer and your intended message is more fully expressed.

Step 3:

Any raw documents in your photo collection can be scanned using the app on your iPhone and sent as a fax. Then, just click send phone fax after converting your document to virtual fax. With eFax, you can easily create, electronically sign, and update your papers. By controlling all sheets and forms using conventional filters, you may personalize your fax online. To make truly unique fax, write, append, crop, and combine materials.

How to fax from iPhone using an email service

How to fax from iPhone with the Fax app
How to fax from iPhone with the Fax app

There are two ways to fax a document from your iPhone. The best choice is to utilize a virtual fax program, however, email is also an alternative. You must first sign up for an online fax provider and connect your mail account before you can accomplish this. After then, you may send faxes through email.

Even while it is possible to transmit faxes via email, we strongly suggest that you install an online fax app from the iTunes store. For instance, eFax is well-known due to how simple and streamlined the entire faxing process is.

Why should businesses use online fax?

Affordable and safe communications

Many firms today depend on secure communications. Even tiny firms should give cybersecurity some attention. And did you know that sending a fax is significantly safer than sending an email? Data may be kept private and faxes are devoid of the viruses that live among the junk that clogs our inboxes.

Just using faxing can save you money rather than shelling out for encrypted email services. Consider the cost of data breaches and diminished customer confidence in your company. Fax is really preferred by many healthcare and governmental organizations as an additional degree of communication security.

Cross-generational customer retention

Not all of your clients will be adept at using technology, especially the more senior ones. However, you don’t want to pass up a wonderful opportunity or disappoint a devoted, long-term client simply because they prefer to use fax and you don’t.

You may transmit messages, files, and secure documents directly to their conventional fax machines using the fax feature in the unified iPhone messaging app without causing any further trouble for either side. Win-win situation.

3 Best Apps to fax from iPhone



WeFax has got to be the finest in the industry right now that we’ve tried, and we’ve tested a lot of basic, easy-to-use iPhone apps that can handle faxing.

Why is WeFax so effective? You can download the app, load it up, and start sending and receiving faxes without creating an account or doing any authentication. It is available for both iPhone and Android. It just works.

WeFax is now the quickest and easiest method to fax from your iPhone, making it perfect for both consumers and companies. WeFax had the top ratings of all the applications we evaluated in the crucial categories of usability, setup simplicity, functionality, and general layout and design.

eFax App

Need to send a fax right away? Our fax software won’t take you long to get started sending faxes. Millions of people use eFax, the leader in internet faxing, globally.

Send, modify, sign, and receive faxes without fuss wherever you are. The quickest and easiest method to convert your iPhone or iPad into a portable fax machine is to use the eFax faxing software. There are no setup costs or commitment obligations. Any eFax Plus or eFax Pro membership entitles you to free usage of the eFax app.



With FAX.PLUS, you may send and receive faxes from an iPhone or iPad. You may transform your iPhone or iPad into a potent fax machine and send free fax from your smartphone by using our safe and dependable online fax service. You may obtain an online fax number and utilize your phone to receive faxes.

Sending a fax from an iPhone or iPad is as simple as scanning the document you want to send by using the device’s built-in scanner, adding the recipient’s fax number, and sending the fax. Additionally, you have the choice of attaching files from iCloud Drive or local storage.

The number of such applications is endless, but app dependability and legitimacy are also important. Aside from that, some applications charge, which means you’ll have to spend more than what it costs to produce the actual fax, and the rest is just a service fee.